wikipedia: “An aftershock is a smaller earthquake that occurs after a previous large earthquake, in the same area of the main shock.  Aftershocks are formed as the crust around the displaced fault plane adjusts to the effects of the main shock.”

Our house shaked just now. It was the aftershock of the earthquake that happened 6 weeks ago. It is a usual thing which occurs after a big earthquake, and it can last for months. It was not serious though, not a big one, with the biggest maybe magnitude 3 like that, but mostly are minor ones(magnitude 1~2). It is becoming a common thing since it is happening everyday here, a few times each day. But one thing that`s making me curious is the time when it happened in the early morning, like the one just now. It would happen at almost exactly the same time every morning, around 4am, after Subuh prayer. Do aftershocks have cycles? Is it a normal thing? I wonder.



Hey!It’s been a long2 time since I wrote here. Slightly more than a year. I didn`t really have specific reasons why I stopped writing, but I just didn`t have the mood or feeling to write or share anything. Most probably because I had quite a busy year last year. Lots of things happened during that time, and I am very grateful to Allah because almost all of them are good ones. Yup, you can say that it was a happy one year+ for me.:))) It will be a very very long post if I am too mentioned them all here, so I decided to give just quick updates of some important events during this past one year.

1. I finally stepped my foot in university in spring last year, at last after 3years of diploma in college. My university is somewhere in the northern part of Japan, a place where they have lots of snow, and longer winter, so it is a new environment for me. During college, I was in Fukuoka, in south Japan where we get more sunlight, and longer summer. Even during the winter, it hardly ever gone below 0 degree, the coldest was maybe 5 degrees, and we hardly ever got snow there. But in my current place, minus degrees is common, and sunlights are quite rare during winter. Snow fall heavily, and that makes life quite hard during that time as we have to walk to the campus every single day, and if you try to walk in snow, you would know how tiring it is. I took quite a  number of classes in in both semesters, with 2 or 3 classes everyday, 4 on friday, as I planned to get enough credit so that I can have a ‘relaxing’ 4th year. Now, I am in 4th year, my final year, and I have only 3 classes this semester, and no class next sem. Yeay! Of course I still have my final year research to be done but I am glad that I wont be burdened too much by my classes and so on. Gambarimasu!

Early winter @ campus

2. I went back to Malaysia last summer, after 2 years, and it was a super great holiday! Not only I get to meet my family after such a long time, I got to celebrate Hari Raya at home with my loved ones. I celebrated 3years of Raya(1+2belated Raya) and the feeling was awesome. I got to eat everything I`d been craving to eat, meet eveyone who I`d been eager to meet, and do everything I`ve wanted to do. Simple said, Raya sakan lah! Hehe.  Marvellous summer holiday!

Raya 2010

Raya 2010

3. Life in university is very different with the life I had in college. There are more Malaysians here, 30+ of them to be exact, compared to 5 of us during college. During college we did do activities together, but I can say that we mixed more with the Japanese. Me myself was the only foreigner in my class back then, and now I have 5 other Malaysians together with me. With the large number of Malaysians here, we have a lot of activities together. We would have at least one every month, where mostly we would go for jalan2 to places and have barbeques, picnics etc. I can see things that I cant usually see in college, like their unity and cooperation in planning for trips, during preparing food the night before and so on. Yes, we did also have something like that in college, but usually it was more spontaneous act, like, “jom kuar esok jom”, something like that. So there was no much discussion or planning involved. We also didnt have annual events like new students welcoming party, seniors farewell party, or sports tournament among us back then. And ya, we also have Yasin reciting here every Thursday night, which the last time I remember having it during high school. All in all, I enjoy my life here. 🙂

New mates

Akita family

Tohoku Malaysians

4. This years spring holiday, I went back home again! I was just back 1/2 year ago, but I decided to go back again coz I had to get a few things settled, and I had a few other things I intended to do back home. One of them, I finally got my driving license this holiday! I was sangat2 happy, sangat2 lega, memang sangat2! I’d dreamt of having it for the past few years, since I graduated from high school, and the moment my instructor passed the licensed into my hand, I was like rasa nak lompat2 jak! haha! Of course la sik sampey gya, mestila keep cool, amik dari nya, padah makseh and jalan slow2 masuk rumah. Padahal lam hati nang suk gila! Hehe. I also got to go for a holiday with my family, though a short one, it was great! Sebab lamak dah sik gi bercuti ngan family. Lamak gilak2. I also get to meet with my family on my father’s side in Melaka, kesian nenek sebab kata rindu nak jumpa. Last time I went back to Melaka was during World Cup in German, which was in 2006! Nang lamak gila. There, we attended the wedding ceremony of my 2 cousins, who are siblings. They had the majlis persandingan together, and we took that chance to balik kampung. You know, quite a few of people I know got married during this spring holiday. Those my 2 cousins(one is a year younger than me), and then a classmate during Japanese Language preparatory school, and my ex-roommate at that time(who is also a year younger). Then I realize, dah tua dah aku tok duhal, dah umur where people around me are getting engaged, married and so on. Tapi kenak aku rasa aku agik nemiak? Haha. 😛

@Pusat Sains Negara

Majlis bersanding

5. As we all know, Japan experienced a massive earthquake and tsunami recently, where the northern part of of it`s main island`s east coast was the most devastated areas. I was really shock when I found out about the news on that friday afternoon, and I was really2 grateful and thankful to Allah that I was already back in Malaysia at that time. I was really worried with the safety of my friends in Japan, but thank God that all Malaysians were safe, including those at my place. I did contacted some of them through facebook, and they were fine. My place also endured quite a big earthquake that according to my friends some electric poles outside our house went down. But gratefully, they were not under tsunami`s area as we are on the west coast of Japan. But still they had to endure one cold night without electricity, and the phones were also down. And they had to face shortage of food in supermarkets, and everywhere as a result of panic buying. Actually till today, there are still certain shelves in the supermarket are still empty, mostly the yogurts, milk shelves and instant food area. But things are getting better and better by day. Japan is still struggling with the nuclear power plant problem, but I do believe that the government is doing its best to keep it in control. So mom, dad, family and friends back home, there`s no need be worried as we are all safe and ok here. The embassy are doing well keeping in contact with us and I know they will they do their best in guaranteeing our safety here.

Yeah, it`s gonna be another year for me here. I am praying to Allah for good times ahead, semoga segala urusan kita dipermudahkan dan semoga kita semua dikurniakan kejayaan oleh-Nya di dunia dan di akhirat. Kita hanya mampu merancang, namun Allah yang menentukan. Tapi itu bukan bermaksud kita hanya duduk dan tunggu sahaja untuk sesuatu berlaku. Berusahalah dan kemudian bertawakal pada-Nya, insyaAllah kita akan dapat apa yang kita impikan. 🙂

The end of one life, the beginning of a new one…

Today is my last night in college, and my last night in Fukuoka, Kyushu. Tomorrow I’ll be moving up north to attend a university there InsyaAllah for another 2 years of study. I do feel sad leaving this place, where I’d been living for the last 3years. I’ve been through up and downs, joy and tears through that period here and life here has been a great experience for me.

The 3 years in Kurume-shi, Fukuoka has really taught me a lot about life and change me in some way. From being the only Malaysian in college in my first year here, which really taught me of being independent in everything, now there are 4 other Malaysians here and there are 3 more coming from next month.  From being not knowing anyone to being friends with Japanese classmates and the neighborhood locals. From only knowing standard Japanese to being able communicate with the local accent. From shaking hands to bowing my head down.From eating with hand to eating with chopsticks. From having no interest in singing to going to karaoke during leisure time. From depending on cars to cycling to go to places. From dreaming of laying down on snow to complaining of too much of it. From saying “euuww”  to saying “yummy” on raw fish. From drinking boiled pipe water to drinking straight from the pipe. From wearing the same clothes all year round to changing what I wear for every single season…….And lots of other changes. Not to forget from being thin slim to gemok berisi.=P

I am surely gonna miss the life here very very very much since I really really like and love Fukuoka and Kurume itself. I love Fukuoka city very much, though it`s not as big as Tokyo or Osaka. And I love Kurume for being close to Fukuoka where I can easily take the plane to go back to Malaysia straight from the Fukuoka Airport. I love the nice and friendly people here especially those around the college area. I also love the not-so-cold weather here since I am no good with cold and freezing temperature.

Eventhough if possible, I wouldn’t want to move away from here, but to achieve my dream, life must go on. Although the place I am going is a very cold place which I don’t like and it is not a big city like Fukuoka, I take that as a new challenge and experience for me. Life at a new place will be different and may not be as what I expect but I hope and pray to Allah that everything will be fine and good for me and my friends there.


Packed things


Writing the addresses while waiting for the boxes to be picked up


The labels


Angkat elok2 barang saya ye pakcik!


Last dinner in Kurume @ kedai udon plg sedap kat Jepun!=)


Dengan makcik pakcik & pekerja yg best sgt2!Noticed the twins?


Last date with gf... 大変世話になりました!