jom sumo!!

I have watched sumo live!!It was at the Nihon Sumo Kyokai (Japan Grand Sumo Tournament) being held in Fukuoka.Actually it was our nihongo teacher who invited us to go see watch sumo with her.It was her 1st time watching sumo live too.Thinking that it was a rare opportunity, we accepted her invitation.
We got to Fukuoka early in the morning to get the tickets.Takut lambat2 nanti sold out plak. We bought the ¥3100 ticket .That`s about RM93.That`s the cheapest ok.It was still 1030am and we would only watch the matches starting from 3pm.The earlier ones are the rookies and beginners matches.Not really interesting to watch.So, after getting the tickets, we went for jalan2 around the city.

-nak buat gaya sumo tp x jd~~

-the venue-Fukuoka International Centre-

-jln2 ~-

-hakata port-

-hakata port tower-

-fukuoka city in the back-

-feri to busan,korea-

-roaarrr~~!!aku nak musnahkan fukuoka.meh la dtg stop aku otromen…-

-malaysia is on the map-

-lama x wat salute..-

-nk g mkn @ canal city-
-canal city-

i won! – =P
-fountain on the floor-

-latest pic of healthy weight gained me

-lepak2 tepi sungai makan manisan-

-sumo grand tournament-view from a Rm93 seat-

The tournament for that day ended at 6pm.We went back home after that.
On the way back to college, noticed that the christmas decorations were already up eventhough christmas is still a month and a half away.Suddenly missed those raya decorations, the pelita, ketupat shaped lights..

-kurume juga x ketinggalan men`decorate`kan bandarnye-

kousensai(college festival)

My college just had a `Kousensai` or college festival recently, from the nov 1st till nov6th.The festival consists of bunkasai(culture festival) and taiikusai(kind of like sports festival).I was waiting eagerly for that festival since that everyone was saying that it`s gonna be fun.But I think, besides the festival, everyone was eager because it was going to be no class for a week !
nov 1st-thu
-preparation day-
-the stalls, stage were set up, the `camp` for the sports festival were also set up at the field-

-the gerbang-

-the `camp`- set up according to the departments->mechanical, material, chemical, electric n electronic and lastly control system eng.-

-these bamboos was installed later for tiang bendera-

nov 2nd-fri
-pre-culture festival-
-stalls start selling.eating time!-
-there were also some performance at the main stage and then there was a 15 min fireworks display.It was amazed by the fireworks because didn`t expect that a college could have a fireworks display like that!mahal tau nak buat bunga api!

nov 3rd-sat
-culture festival-
-again the stalls, and there were some cultural display like tea ceremony and some more performances-

-early in the morning, they carried this thing and paraded around the town-
-tea ceremony-

-enjoying a …err…aaa…forgot the name-

-went to to check out a university festival nearby held on the same day-

-my first japanese army vehicle pic-
-sempat lak mamat tu wat peace-

I didn`t take any picture at the university`s festival since that there was nothing special there.Not as happening as the college`s.

-then, back at college-

-one of the performances-


-classmate at a stall-

nov 4th-sun
-nothing coz its sunday!cuti lah..-

nov 5th-mon
-taiikusai(sports festivals)-
-the weather was not very good that day.a bit rainy.very cold.and its autumn.despite wearing 4 layer of clothes, I still shivered-

-from left : control system eng. , electric elctronic, chemical, material, mechanical-

-admired those posters very much!didn`t look like was painted by the student themselves.especially the middle one-

-poster contest-2nd-





-the games were actually like telematch games-

-the games started with tarik tali-
-then, the `sweden run`-

-after noon break, the event continued with the `oendan`.kind of like cheer team but not like the american school punya cheerleaders la-
-it was also contested-
-my dept, the mechanical only managed to get 3rd place though ours were quite awesome-
-but I saluted the winner, the electric electronic.theirs were eye catching!-

-one of the team in action-

Then, it continued with `kibasen`, the most significant game for this college`s sports festival.It has been held since the college`s first festival, about 42 years ago.It was quite a dangerous game.You could easily get injured.That`s why those participated wore the protective helmets.Luckily I didn`t get chosen.But almost!

-my dept won it!-

-get set-


Halfway through the final between the mechanical and electrical, the downpour became heavy and the organiser decided to cancel the other games after the kibasen.The overall winner were decided by collected points till the kibasen.And after the calculation…

-we won it again this year!!-

-the downpour-

After the prize ceremony, everyone then just bertempiaran lari as the rain became heavier and that concluded this year`s sports festival and college festival as a whole.There were rumours that they wont be any sports festival anymore starting from next year.They said that the school administration, the teachers and the student representative are still on discussion about it.Oh please, don`t take the sports festival away.The students really enjoyed it.It is the sports festival that makes the college festival interesting.Come on student representatives!Lets make the school keep the sports festival for the coming years!

nov 6th-tue
-kemas2 day-

2 more days..

waaa!!i almost forgot that I have a presentation to do this saturday!during japanese class.and I dont even start anything yet!yabai..yabai..looks like i`m gonna have to sacrifice a few hours of my prescious sleeping time these 2 days!