jom sumo!!

I have watched sumo live!!It was at the Nihon Sumo Kyokai (Japan Grand Sumo Tournament) being held in Fukuoka.Actually it was our nihongo teacher who invited us to go see watch sumo with her.It was her 1st time watching sumo live too.Thinking that it was a rare opportunity, we accepted her invitation.
We got to Fukuoka early in the morning to get the tickets.Takut lambat2 nanti sold out plak. We bought the ¥3100 ticket .That`s about RM93.That`s the cheapest ok.It was still 1030am and we would only watch the matches starting from 3pm.The earlier ones are the rookies and beginners matches.Not really interesting to watch.So, after getting the tickets, we went for jalan2 around the city.

-nak buat gaya sumo tp x jd~~

-the venue-Fukuoka International Centre-

-jln2 ~-

-hakata port-

-hakata port tower-

-fukuoka city in the back-

-feri to busan,korea-

-roaarrr~~!!aku nak musnahkan fukuoka.meh la dtg stop aku otromen…-

-malaysia is on the map-

-lama x wat salute..-

-nk g mkn @ canal city-
-canal city-

i won! – =P
-fountain on the floor-

-latest pic of healthy weight gained me

-lepak2 tepi sungai makan manisan-

-sumo grand tournament-view from a Rm93 seat-

The tournament for that day ended at 6pm.We went back home after that.
On the way back to college, noticed that the christmas decorations were already up eventhough christmas is still a month and a half away.Suddenly missed those raya decorations, the pelita, ketupat shaped lights..

-kurume juga x ketinggalan men`decorate`kan bandarnye-


kousensai(college festival)

My college just had a `Kousensai` or college festival recently, from the nov 1st till nov6th.The festival consists of bunkasai(culture festival) and taiikusai(kind of like sports festival).I was waiting eagerly for that festival since that everyone was saying that it`s gonna be fun.But I think, besides the festival, everyone was eager because it was going to be no class for a week !
nov 1st-thu
-preparation day-
-the stalls, stage were set up, the `camp` for the sports festival were also set up at the field-

-the gerbang-

-the `camp`- set up according to the departments->mechanical, material, chemical, electric n electronic and lastly control system eng.-

-these bamboos was installed later for tiang bendera-

nov 2nd-fri
-pre-culture festival-
-stalls start selling.eating time!-
-there were also some performance at the main stage and then there was a 15 min fireworks display.It was amazed by the fireworks because didn`t expect that a college could have a fireworks display like that!mahal tau nak buat bunga api!

nov 3rd-sat
-culture festival-
-again the stalls, and there were some cultural display like tea ceremony and some more performances-

-early in the morning, they carried this thing and paraded around the town-
-tea ceremony-

-enjoying a …err…aaa…forgot the name-

-went to to check out a university festival nearby held on the same day-

-my first japanese army vehicle pic-
-sempat lak mamat tu wat peace-

I didn`t take any picture at the university`s festival since that there was nothing special there.Not as happening as the college`s.

-then, back at college-

-one of the performances-


-classmate at a stall-

nov 4th-sun
-nothing coz its sunday!cuti lah..-

nov 5th-mon
-taiikusai(sports festivals)-
-the weather was not very good that day.a bit rainy.very cold.and its autumn.despite wearing 4 layer of clothes, I still shivered-

-from left : control system eng. , electric elctronic, chemical, material, mechanical-

-admired those posters very much!didn`t look like was painted by the student themselves.especially the middle one-

-poster contest-2nd-





-the games were actually like telematch games-

-the games started with tarik tali-
-then, the `sweden run`-

-after noon break, the event continued with the `oendan`.kind of like cheer team but not like the american school punya cheerleaders la-
-it was also contested-
-my dept, the mechanical only managed to get 3rd place though ours were quite awesome-
-but I saluted the winner, the electric electronic.theirs were eye catching!-

-one of the team in action-

Then, it continued with `kibasen`, the most significant game for this college`s sports festival.It has been held since the college`s first festival, about 42 years ago.It was quite a dangerous game.You could easily get injured.That`s why those participated wore the protective helmets.Luckily I didn`t get chosen.But almost!

-my dept won it!-

-get set-


Halfway through the final between the mechanical and electrical, the downpour became heavy and the organiser decided to cancel the other games after the kibasen.The overall winner were decided by collected points till the kibasen.And after the calculation…

-we won it again this year!!-

-the downpour-

After the prize ceremony, everyone then just bertempiaran lari as the rain became heavier and that concluded this year`s sports festival and college festival as a whole.There were rumours that they wont be any sports festival anymore starting from next year.They said that the school administration, the teachers and the student representative are still on discussion about it.Oh please, don`t take the sports festival away.The students really enjoyed it.It is the sports festival that makes the college festival interesting.Come on student representatives!Lets make the school keep the sports festival for the coming years!

nov 6th-tue
-kemas2 day-

2 more days..

waaa!!i almost forgot that I have a presentation to do this saturday!during japanese class.and I dont even start anything yet!yabai..yabai..looks like i`m gonna have to sacrifice a few hours of my prescious sleeping time these 2 days!

raya 2007

For those who have been wondering about my raya, here`s how it was.

This year`s raya was my first raya away from family n friends.At the beginning, I couldn`t imagine myself celebrating raya without my family.I kept thinking that I would cry the whole day of raya here.It isn`t raya if there`s no those ketupat, rendang, cakes, biscuits, going for sembahyang raya, having those maaf-bermaafan sesssion, jalan raya, duit raya, watching raya movies on tv, waiting for new raya tv commercials etc, don`t you think so?I always felt like crying when I remembered all those things.To make it worst, having to celebrate raya alone at hostel.I couldn`t imagine that at first.I tried to find out the way not to celebrate raya alone, and i got a few choices.
1.Go to celebrate raya at the Msian embassy in tokyo(canceled after calculating the cost to get there as my place is very far from tokyo)
2.Celebrate raya at Kumamoto, as there are quite a number of Msian students there.(also canceled because I dont really know them)
3.Celebrate raya at Nagasaki University(also quite a number of msian students here.this was my choice because i`ve met a few of them before and there is two guys the same age of me.but the main attraction for me was when they said that there would be sembahyang raya)

But a few days after I`d made my decision, a letter from the school came informing that all the international students would have a class on the 13oct.A japanese language class.reading this, my hearts was just like, shattered.My raya plan is ruined!And because of that, i gave up of having raya this year.I even told my mother not to send the baju melayu and cookies that i`d asked before eventhough I actually really wanted them.I told that to her with tears running down my cheeks.I was very sad at that time.I wouldn`t care that much if I have other companion here, other msian student with me as I can still celebrate with him at the hostel.But the thing is that, I`m the only msian here.Not being able to go to other place to celebrate raya means totally no raya for me, with the japanese class was going to be a whole day.

But one thing happened, which changed my thoughts.One day when I received a package from my family, and it was containing the things that i`d asked my mother to send before.It happened to be that my mother still send those things to me despite me giving up, telling them that i`m not going to celebrate raya and there`s no need to send them.At that time, I was feeling just like want to hug my parents and kiss their cheeks.I was shouting in my heart, “Thanks mom!Thanks dad!”.I was very happy and my spirit to celebrate raya came back.Guys, that`s the love of our parents, our family.They would do anything to make you happy.They really understand you, just like my parents,they knew that I actually didn`t really mean it when I said that I don`t want those things.So, guys, one advice I would like to tell you, please appreciate your parents.Love them more than you love yourselves.Never ever hurt them.Never ever disobey them.Your parents really love you eventhough they maybe dont really show it, or maybe you dont realize it.For those who still think that their parents dont love them, as time passes, as you get older, you will realize it.I didn`t realize it from the beginning myself.I took time to realize it.But I thank God that I`ve managed to realize it.

Ok, back to my raya story, after my spirit to celebrate raya came back, I decided that I would celebrate just like everyone else, I would prepare rendang, ketupat and eat them on the raya day even if I`ll be alone.So, thinking of that, I bought some halal meat and chicken from the internet to prepare on raya day.

About a week before raya, I suddenly thought of asking for excuse from the japanese language class, so that I can go to Nagasaki and celebrate raya there.I was quite afraid to asked at the beginning, but for the sake of raya, I forced myself.And know what, I got it!I was really happy and couldnt wait it for raya!

So after the finishing class at 430pm on 12oct, the day before raya, I started packing my bag to go to Nagasaki.I then waited until about 6pm,after breaking fast, and then started to move to the train station.At the station, I asked for a Kamome ticket, an express train to Nagasaki and i was given a Green Ticket, a first class ticket.I didnt know why I was given that, because the price was quite cheap, but hentam sajalah.Rezeki kot.Alhamdulillah…

7.23pm-I boarded the train.

-waiting for the train-

-the train comes-

-if felt like in a plane-

-nagasaki station-

In Nagasaki, I stayed at my senior, Suhaimi`s house who is studying at Nagasaki University.He was once a student at my current college before I came there.

The journey took about 2 hours and it was already about 930 pm when I got there.From the nagasaki station, I took a roumen densha(a local train) to suhaimi`s house.He was waiting for me near the station where i am going to drop off with 2 other malaysians, syahmi and sak, both are as the same age as me.We then went to syahmi and sak`s house first, spend some time there and then to suhaimi`s house.We didnt do much thing that night.Just some chatting, eating and watching movies.We slept at about 3am.

The next day, with the spirit to celebrate raya, I woke up at about 6am.After shower, I changed into baju melayu that my mum sent before.Suhaimi was told that the raya prayer would start at 730am.Thinking that 730 was a gathering time, we decided to start moving from the house around 745am so that when we arrive at the place, it is just the right time they start the prayer.But then, as we were just about to start moving, syahmi called saying that the prayer is already over.And there goes us, missing the raya prayer and me, missing the raya prayer on my first raya in perantauan.But we still went there to join the others for a jamuan.

-raya morning-

-1st time raya not wearing songkok-
-malaysians at Nagasaki University-

-the jamuan.there were also indonesians, arabians there-

After the jamuan, we were going for a `jalan raya` at a malaysians house who is working at a shipping company here.We would be moving at around 1030am and while waiting for that time, we played some games.

1030am-After another malaysian, Kismet, a bidayuh sarawakian came, we started to move.
-on the way-

When we arrived there, there were already a few other malaysians there and I found out that almost all of them are working at the same malaysian shipping company, MISC here.

-the house we went to-

-its there were I found out that there are actually lots of malaysian in Japan-

-the cakes and cookies-

-most of them were eaten by me.heheh..-

-Ate a lot that day.There were ketupat,lemang,rendang,serunding,ayam masak merah,kuah sate,nasi bryani,roti jala and laksa penang-but I still miss my mom`s-

At the house, apart from eating, I managed to get to know to some of the other malaysians who also came.There were also some japanese who are their colleagues coming to join the celebration.We were there till about 430pm.After solat asar , we went back home.And I can say it was also the end of my raya for this year.

That night, I joined the Nagasaki University students at their weekly activity, playing badminton.They were going to a tournament the next day, so they invited me to join them pratice for the tournament.

-what we did on malam raya pertama-
The next day, I went with them to their badminton tournament.I act as a
supporter that day.The were competing under the Lavender club together with a few japanese.The malaysian had 4 pairs competing consists of the nagasaki university`s students and the malaysians of the shipping company.
-those from the Lavender club-

-them in action-

-supporting their teammates-

One of our pair of Harris and Marzuki from the shipping company emerged as champion in the D-category.

After the tournament, we went to celebrate their win at a restaurant.

-some of the malaysians in nagasaki-

After eating at the restaurant, I then said goodbye to them to head back to my college and thanked them for inviting me to celebrate raya here.Eventhough the raya is not happening as in malaysia, it was still enjoyable for me, and it was a new experience.I am thankful to God that I got the chance to celebrate raya with them in Nagasaki.Their presence made me forgot the sadness of being away from home on hari raya.Thanks guys!

trip to kagoshima – part 2

2nd day-28oct-9am-a noisy noise woke me up from was the telephone ringing.who is this person who dare to disturb me even before my own 630am-set-alarm clock?i got up slowly, n picked the phone up, though still a bit mamai.”helo?oop,salah2.moshimoshi?”, i said.”moshimoshi.muzakkirusan, ” a familiar voice replied.”hait,” i replied.”please come downstairs now.we`re all waiting for you.its already 9am.” that voice said(of course la in japanese), which i immediately recognised as my teacher`s.”huh!!9am!hait2.i`ll be downstairs right away.”, i replied again.Oh my god!I overslept!I was supposed to get up at 630am and wake up my other friends who had told me to do so last night, and then go for breakfast at 7am.How come i didnt hear my alarm clock?Waaa!!I quickly went to wash my face, then packed my things and rushed downstairs to check out.Arriving there, I saw everyone were already there, checked out, waitng for me.I apologised to them for being late.Luckily, no one was angry.They just smiled when I told them that I overslept.Fuhh!nasib baik..hehe..

Okay, today is the last day of our trip.We’ll be going to 2 places today:The Sengan-en in Kagoshima city and Aso-san(mount Aso) in Kumamoto.

The Sengan-en is a Japanese style landscape garden, which is beautifully located at the foot of a hill near Kagoshima Bay.The garden contains former residential buildings,belonged to the Shimazu, the family clan which ruled Kagoshima for almost 700 years until the end of Japan`s feudal age.It has great view of Sakurajima, a famous-still-active-volcano.

We arrived there at about 10am.After paying the 900yen ticket, we then went inside.

-while waiting for sensei to buy the tickets, we took the chance to take pictures with these women-

-the first thing that we saw when we got in was this cannon, one of the first metal cannon produced in Japan-

the souveniers shop on the right, huts with flower pots on the left-

-one of the houses-

-that`s Sakurajima-the volcano, in the background-

-the gate`s door-

We spent quite a long time at the garden, because it was quite big.Quite sad because this was our last destination in Kagoshima and we would be heading heading back home to our college after that.And that marked that our trip was coming near to the end.

After leaving the garden, we were then on our way home, and on the highways again we were.

-the toll plaza-fully machinized(is that a correct word?), not even a single counter with a person standing behind it-

We were on our way back, but we still have one more place to visit, the Aso-san in Kumamoto, which is on our way back.My teacher said that there are many cows there, so I thought that we were going to a farm to see them.

-we are going that way-

It was only when we were almost there when i got to know that we were not going there to see cows, but we`re going to see volcano!Iwas very excited!
These are the views approaching Aso-san.

-unique design-

Our teacher decided to drove till the top as the cable car were full of people.Arriving there, I stepped out of the van and, Brrrr….its was very cold outside.They were quite a lot of people that day.There were even tourists from Korea who came to see the volcano.This volcano is still active as you can see smokes coming out from its kawah.It`s not smoke actually.It is actually steam or vapour formed when cold air meets hot air.

-we were cold!-

-that`s the smoke.oops, sorry.that`s steam, or vapour coming out of the kawah behind me.-


On our way back, we stopped at the foot of the mountain to see some horses(though actually didn`t get to see them because they were very far from us).We also singgah at a stall to eat corns.

-with the makciks jual jagung-

With that, our trip this year had come to the end.After 2 tiring days, it was the time for us to go back home to our college, go back to the busy life.I`m gonna miss the leisure time we had.I really enjoyed myself during this trip.I`m sure the others did too.Hope that we can have something like this again at other times.
Am looking forward to it!Next year we`ll try to proposed going somewhere farther, outside Kyushu.
Can`t wait till that time comes.Okay, its time to think about reports,exam etc now!=)

-that way is heading to busy life!-

trip to kagoshima – part 1

Last week, on the 27~28th oct , i got the chance to do the thing that i like the most, TRAVEL!!it was the annual trip for oversea students organised by the college to let us enjoy n experience Japan(as they wrote it in the purpose of activity column in the proposal letter).This year`s destination would be KAGOSHIMA, Kyushu, Japan.
At first, we proposed to go outside Kyushu but because of limited budget and time, the college decided that its gonna be kagoshima this year.Kagoshima is situated in the south of Kyushu Island, about 200km from my college in Kurume.It took us about 3hours to get there.

The school rented a 10-seat van for us and our hostel`s staff act as our driver.There were all 8 of us in this trip.5 students which all came from different countries-srilanka,morocco,malaysia,mongolia n laos, 2 teachers n the pakcik hostel.

1st day-27oct-830am-we gather in front of the college`s office n off we go!

-our ride-

After about 45 min on the highway, we stopped for about 10 min here to find something for breakfast.

At first i couldn`t find anything that i can eat(common problem for muslims in japan) but as i was just about to give up, i noticed there were onigiri`s near the entrance door.And that onigiri became my santapan that morning.

– enjoying a tuna mayonnaise onigiri(once hated food, now kind of like it)-

Then we continued our journey to kagoshima, non-stop(juz stopped once for a quick lunch) staright to kagoshima.The scenery along the way were magnificient!These are just some of them.

Our first stop on our place to visit list was a memorial park(sorry i forgot the name) dedicated for the soldiers who died during the, world war 2 if i’m not mistaken.These soldiers would fly a fighter plane and crash themselves into the enemy`s ship, plane, buildings etc.Yup, they die for certain.This memorial park was built on the site of the army`s air base where those willing-to-die soldiers departed for their mission.

-who would expect that even botak trees can make a place looks beautiful?-

-one of the fighter plane once used during the war-

-a 40 years old statue-

-people put candles in those pillars as symbol of praying for peace and respect for the soldiers who died-

-another type of the fighter planes-

After spending about an hour there, we then proceed to our next stop, the Samurai Garden in Chiran Town, not far from the memorial park.Chiran was a kamikaze base during the Second World War.This town includes a lane lined by residences of warriors who lived in the Edo period (17th through mid-19th centuries). The houses, together with the gardens have been well-preserved by the local authority.The size of the garden in each house determine their wealth and power.

-in one of the gardens-

Actually this would be our last destination for the day day but seems that we finished wondering around the garden earlier than we expected, we decided to go to have the famous sand spa in Ibusuki, about an hour journey from here.I couldn`t wait to get there because im very eager to know what is a sand spa.My teacher said that it is just the same like the hot spring, but what make it interesting is that sand is used instead of water.And you dont have to take off your clothes.(info:when japanese go to hotsprings, they take off all their clothes and get into the water together!)
O our way to the sand spa, we dropped by in a place near Lake Ikeda, the biggest lake in Kyushu Island.We dropped by just to some eels which is famous here.These eels are not the same like the ones in our sawah padi in Malaysia.According to the pakcik there, these eels have longer life than the common eels that we see in pasar, market etc.Their life span is as same as human,about 70 years.And there are very big!They can grow up to 1.8 metres long, and 60cm wide.That`s as big as human!

-itsays : world number one eels-

-its sleeping.this one is still a child, about 6 years old of age-

And then, here we are, at the sand spa place.

-before getting into the sand-

-at first it felt warm and nice, after about 10min, it became hot!-

-after having sand spa-

After enjoying our time at the sand spa, we then went to a restaurant nearby to fill our hungry stomach.It had been 8 hours since we had our lunch, so everyone was starving.All the others were eager to try the Kurobuta(black pork,the most expensive pork meat in japan), a famous dish here.They had been talking about it even before the trip.I, of course didn’t ate that.I settled with a set of tempura with rice.nyum2!

-dinner in a japanese style room-

Eating at the restaurant was our last activity for that day.We then head to our place to stay for the night, Urbic Hotel, situated in Kagoshima city centre.We arrived at about 9.30pm and checked in straight away.At first i thought that we were going to share rooms, maybe about 2 or 3 persons a room as there are 8 of us.But when told that there would be a room for each of us, I was just like, wow!That was the first time in my life not having to share room during a school trip!And the room was excellent!With large bed for a person, a flat screen tv, internet connection, and a bathroom with huge bathtub.Oh, couldn’t wait to lay myself on the bed!

But I didnt straight went to bed.After I get to my room and put my stuff, I went out again to and join my other 4 friends as we had planned to take a walk around Kagoshima city.So, we went out wondering around without any destination or intention cause the shops were already closed.Even if you see that shops or shopping plazas are closed in japan, that doesnt mean that the japanese are already at home, resting or doing something else.If you go much deeper inside small streets behind buildings, you‘ll find places which are very much lively and happening.Here we can see the japanese enjoying themselves drinking, eating,playing games etc.And there are so many places like what they call ‘love hotel’.When I saw this, I can say that japanese are more like americans.That is totally different from my perception about japanese people before.But of course you wont see families coming to this kind of place.Walking around this kind of place sounds scary, cause anyone would imagine that there would be gangsters, bandits, but actually its not that scary i can tell you.There are policemen in full uniforms wondering around here every single time, which shocked me.That really was a new experience for me.We took quite a long time wondering around the city, and we went back to the hotel at around 1am.Exhausted after a tiring day, I get to my room, cleaned myself a little bit and went to bed looking forward for the next day.

To be continued…..


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