getting older??

know what?today i juz realized that i am having a new tooth!!
didn`t realize at all b4 this coz it didn`t hurt a bit, not like usual.Usually when new tooth is about to come out, we`ll have toothache or bengkak or sumthing like dat.
does diz mean…i`m getting older???


It has been a while since I put some pics here.I`m quite busy right now,mm..actually VERY busy, so I`ll update later.Maybe after my final exam.Sorry for those who has been waiting for new updates about my current life especially my family.Don`t worry, I`ll certainly update my blog later.
Here`s juz a brief of what I did during last winter holiday.Will put the details later..

new guy

LIVERPOOL has got a new guy!

Name: Martin Skrtel

Position: Defender
Date of Birth: 15/12/1984
Birth Place: Handlova, Slovakia
Height: 6’4
Weight: 12st 11
International caps: 15
Former clubs: FC Previdza, FC Trencin, Zenit St Petersburg