record broken today!

last night while looking through the mechanical drawing textbook for today`s paper, i started to feel that there`s sumthing wrong with me.i can`t concentrate on what i`m reading and looking body also felt x selesa.i tried a few times to get rid of it by changing my seating posture, adjusting my shirt and pants here and there, even adjusting the table lamp`s light.but still, i felt body also felt tired and weak eventhough i`d slept about 2 hours in the afternoon(after the exam).then, i also felt uncomfortable in my throat.thinking that it was like a sign of fever coming, i closed my book, quickly went to sleep early only to hope that i won`t caught one.and ya, i took 2 panadols before sleeping.
this morning, i woke up with my head felt a bit heavy, my nose tersumbat, sorethroat and my body feeling a bit weak.there goes me, caught a fever!unlucky isn`t it?caught a fever in the middle of my final exam.but thankfully, today`s paper weren`t the difficult ones.and its gonna be 3days holiday stating from the time to get over this fever.hope so.but still i need to study cause next week`s paper are the difficult ones.math, programming, mechanics, material and lastly physics.but i dont think that i`m gonna study like the week before, very little sleep, which i think is the cause of this fever.

with todays fever, there goes also my record of not having a fever since i came to japan.the first time i`m sick in japan!huhu..ya, got to remember todays date!heheh..

“Ya Allah, semoga aku lekas sembuh.Amin…”