hi!sorry to keep u guys(those who were witing for updates) waiting for quite some has been 2 months since i last updated my page.lots of things happened during that 2 months, but its juz that i dont have the `mood` to write sumthg.i juz cant think of anythng to write.hehe..malas kot.sori again guys.hmm..oh ya, did i tell you about my final exam result?da one that i was so worried about that i studied so hard sampai know, i got quite good marks in almost all the papers and after the percentage of all subject were calculated, i passed the math paper which was the decider wether i can go back to malaysia or not, though the mark was juz cukup2 mkn.ok la.alhamdulillah..and then, 2 days after i got to know my results, i was on my way back home!!yeay!i used cathay pacific to fly home.i can be considered lucky because i dont need to get to tokyo or osaka first to get home.i went back home from fukuoka airport, which is just about 40 minutes bus or train ride from place.though i had to stop over in hong kong for a night as there were no connecting flight available on the same day, i had fun wondering around hong kong city that night, taking some pictures and seeing hong kong people`s life.however i juz wondered in the area around hong kong train station as i was afraid of getting lost if i go sumwhere further than the, i was alone!and hong kong is also famous for its gangsters etc..but, it is already enough to say that i`d stepped my foot in hong kong.hehe..the last time i went back to malaysia, during last year`s summer, i had a stop over in taiwan.i also took the chance to wonder around taipei at that time and i got to go the famous places there including the taipei 101 tower.i was so lucky that i got to join the taipei city tour package provided by the airport for transit and stop over passengers and it was free of charge!hehe..

at home, i spent all the time with my my family.we had barbeque, picnic and jalan2 together.the best thing is that my parents were very nice that i got to eat everything that i want from satays, cakes, laksa sarawak, rojak and etc..thanks mum, dad!but the consequence, my weight was up almost 5kg in juz a month!that was sumthing ok!terkejut gila bila timbang aritu.xpe2.lps ni exercise byk2, kurgkn berat.hehe..ckp je tu, bkn ny buat pon.haha..time was moving really fast that i didn`t realize that my month long holiday was already over and i had to get back to was really sad separating with my family at the airport but for the sake of my study, aku gagahkan diriku masuk ke boarding hall and then into the plane waiting.huhu..i can still remember clearly the moment i waved to my family before getting into the plane.miss u guys so much.till we met again k!

-in the train heading to hong kong city centre-

-hong kong station-


-wut do they call this?-

-hee..kat signboard pn nk gmbr-

-the double decker bus-

-AIG tower-

-malaysia tanah tumpah darahku!-

when i got to japan, i was expecting that i would be homesick juz like the last time i went back.but this time it is different.when i got to my hostel, when i saw the two new junior from malaysia, the homesick feeling was gone.maybe because that i was very happy to know that i wont be alone again.juz being able to speak bahasa melayu with sumone here made me feel really close to home.haha..i really dont know how to describe how i feel, but what i can say is that i am very i have sumone to chat with, to play, to jln2 and to masak and makan sama2.hehe..ya, i now masak sendiri with those two junior.i dont eat at the hostel`s dining hall anymore cause its cheaper that way.furthermore, its more seronok masak and makan rame2.=)
-sakura was blooming when i got back in japan-

-my new companion..-

-things we do..-

-we ate together..-

-cook together..-

-and its more merrier!-

this year i am in the 4th year of my study in this college and my second year in japan.this year i`ll start studying those mechanical engineering related stuff like fluid mechanics, dyamics, material, designing, processing etc and they are much tougher than the subjects i learnt last year.i am praying that would c do better this year in my studies as this year is a very important year for about a year time i`ll be sitting for university entrance exam which will decide where and what will i do in university.and my exam results for this year would also be a factor to decide where i can go in the achieve that, i have to change myself first, as now i have quite an easy-happy-go-lucky life which wont help me at all.hmm..dont know lah.also said things like that to myself but in the end, it still the same old me.hehe..oh no,no,no.this time i will change.i must believe in myself, right?he..tomorrow maybe i`ll be going to the `World Festival` in fukuoka.there will be stalls and cultural performance from countries around the world and i heard that there are malaysians too there.gonna take a lot of pictures tomorrow!k, till next time guys..