sorry guys for not updating my blog since may.it has been 2 months!sorry k.it`s juz that i was not in da mood of writing anything.dunno la why.bila xde mood tu, xde la idea nk tulis paper kn?kdg2 ade la gak idea p xde mood nk tulis.hehe..but guys, this post would still not mark my comeback here.i would only start writing sumthng back here after my summer holiday.i need to refresh myself, get myself back into the mood of striving in my study, and everythng.from the moment i had my exam last time in may till now, my feeling has been down all the time like a graft yg jatuh sampai ke kosong, n x naik2 lg sampai skrg.the reason:my exm results was…..hu..x nk cite ah.phm2 sendiri.dats why i decided that i wanna have a very good summer holiday this time, refresh, recharge and tune myself back into a striving student.wish me luck k!c u guys back after the summer holiday!jya!=)