during those 2 months absence…(part 6)

Bado-bu Kangeikai
(Badminton Club New Member Welcoming Party)

We had a welcoming party for the club`s new members.that includes me.it`s a tradition here and every club will surely do it every year.it is held to show their gratitude for new members who are willing to enter their and also to welcome them into their `family`.

-my new `family`-



-played bowling among us-

-that`s sedi(my junior) bowling-
-no need to say la.i won!hehe..-

during those 2 months absence…(part 5)

Ryou Sai (Dorm Festival)

We had a Dorm Festival on the 17th of May.had football tournament among floors.and we won!after the tournament, had barbeque.kenyang giler that day.

-me, shikichi, zogi(mongolian)-

-on duty-


during those 2 months absence…(part 4)

Mitsui Greenland

Went to Mitsui Greenland.a theme park.about an hour train ride from my college.it was cludy and windy that day.nasib baik pakai baju 2 lapis.ramai gilaer orang aritu.sbb aritu Children`s Day kat Jepun.So ramai parents yang datang bawak anak2 diorang.

-@ north entrance-
sedi: kite g sane r dulu..
zek: x nak.nak g sini dulu.
sedi: sane dulu!
zek: sini dulu!
akmal: …….

-my 2 juniors.my jalan2 mate.hehe..-

-kecut gak perut naik ni.ingatkan xde pape.-

-haunted house.hmmph..-

-see the line?i`m the last person in it-

-masked rider in action.kitorang pun tengok gak-

-yang ni bez!-

-x naik pun yang ni-

-ni paling best!hehe..-

-ni pun best!roller coaster berdiri!1st time tengok-


-ko tembak ape Mal?-

-aku dah jumpe diorang ni.hehe..-

-we met a mammoth!-
-it`s minus 25.8 C!-

-sejuk giler!-

-habis basah-

-couple je lalu kat sini.kitorang pun redah la jugak bertiga-

-do u think it went to the centre?-
-lucky!got to see the fireworks that nite!-

-aboard the ferris wheel-

during those 2 months absence…(part 3)

Fukuoka City Tour
-Fukuoka Tower, Yahoo Dome, Marinoa City, etc..-

We went for a tour of Fukuoka City.Dah setahun duduk kat sini tappi baru ni la dapat nak jalan explore bandar Fukuoka ni.tapi malangnya sorang drpd kitorang demam, so it`s only me and Akmal this time.

-1st time jumpe signage ader bahasa melayu.bahasa indonesia sebenarnye.mane lg nk jmpe camni kat jepun?kat fukuoka je ade.hehe..-

-tgh2 bndar macam ni tibe2 lak ade bundel!siyes shocked!kat depan fukuoka tower plak tu.-

-fukuoka tower.function just for telekomunikasi.macam kl tower la.-

-JAL resort and Yahoo Dome(home of Softbank Hawks) behind it-

-1st time pegi pantai kat jepun nih.hehe..-

-Yahoo Dome behind-

-kereta tu sebenarnya terbabas masuk kat dinding tu time diorang tgh buat cafe nih.bila diorg tgk macam unik je, diorang pun biarkanlah macam tu sampai sekarang..:P-

-mall depan Yahoo Dome tu.kat sini ader kedai Nike yg kite boleh design kasut sendiri.nanti diorang buatkan.kira macam custom made la.best kan?nanti nak wat satu.-

-outlet @ Marinoa City-

-my shop!haha!-

-Ferris wheel @ Marinoa City.once the tallest in Asia.overtaken by the one in Singapore.-

-ni baru setengah-

-at the top height.bergegar lutut time ni.-

-the marina-

-unique toilet-

-Marinoa City @ nite-

-back to Tenjin, Fukuoka City-

-small version of Shibuya??-

during those 2 months absence…(part 2)

Hakata Dontaku Festival and Parade

One of Fukuoka City`s biggest festival.Celebrated on the 3rd and 4th of May every year.There were parades, cultural shows, food fair, fireworks display and etc..It attracts more than 2million spectators every year.

-a group of foreign students studying in Fukuoka-

-brazilian group-

-look at those faces.kalo pakai topeng camtu tak la malu sgt nak menari kan?hehe..-

-atuk2 dan nenek2 ni dh tua2 pun msh bleh menari smbil berparade berkilometer plak tu-

-a group of school children-


-die ni pndai cakap melayu tau!fluent plak tu.terkejut gile bile die tegur kitorang aritu.-

-kura-kura anyone?-

during those 2 months absence…(part 1)

hi!its me back here.juz came back from my summer holiday.it was..boleh la coz i didn`t get to do lots of things that i`d already planned.but still i`m very happy that i could meet my family n old frens.urm..i promised to update my blog b4, so here u r.there`s too much things to write n me also malas nk taip, so let the pictures do most of the storytelling!hehe..enjoy!

Visit to Kurogi Machi

this was the 2nd time i went there.last year i went with the other foreign students, but this year only the malaysian student accepted the teachers invitation.the others said that they were busy, with reports, other commitments bla..bla..
-it is just a very small town in the mountains-

-beautiful isn`t it?-

-the place was packed with people, mostly atuk2 and nenek2-

-all those flowers come from a tree. A tree ok..juz one tree.believe it or not?-
-and the tree is a few hundred years old.i cant remember the exact number-

-forgot the name but it`s a type of soba-

-went to onsen(hotspring)-

-anak sape ntah..lalala..-