during those 2 months absence…(part 2)

Hakata Dontaku Festival and Parade

One of Fukuoka City`s biggest festival.Celebrated on the 3rd and 4th of May every year.There were parades, cultural shows, food fair, fireworks display and etc..It attracts more than 2million spectators every year.

-a group of foreign students studying in Fukuoka-

-brazilian group-

-look at those faces.kalo pakai topeng camtu tak la malu sgt nak menari kan?hehe..-

-atuk2 dan nenek2 ni dh tua2 pun msh bleh menari smbil berparade berkilometer plak tu-

-a group of school children-


-die ni pndai cakap melayu tau!fluent plak tu.terkejut gile bile die tegur kitorang aritu.-

-kura-kura anyone?-

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