during those 2 months absence…(part 1)

hi!its me back here.juz came back from my summer holiday.it was..boleh la coz i didn`t get to do lots of things that i`d already planned.but still i`m very happy that i could meet my family n old frens.urm..i promised to update my blog b4, so here u r.there`s too much things to write n me also malas nk taip, so let the pictures do most of the storytelling!hehe..enjoy!

Visit to Kurogi Machi

this was the 2nd time i went there.last year i went with the other foreign students, but this year only the malaysian student accepted the teachers invitation.the others said that they were busy, with reports, other commitments bla..bla..
-it is just a very small town in the mountains-

-beautiful isn`t it?-

-the place was packed with people, mostly atuk2 and nenek2-

-all those flowers come from a tree. A tree ok..juz one tree.believe it or not?-
-and the tree is a few hundred years old.i cant remember the exact number-

-forgot the name but it`s a type of soba-

-went to onsen(hotspring)-

-anak sape ntah..lalala..-