bang long..

you know, last night i got a sms from my family.i thought that it was from my father, but when i read through the whole text message, i knew that it was from my little sister.i didn`t believe myself at first, but yes, it is from my little know how old she is?she`s almost seven years old.primary one this was a simple message, asking how am i doing, what did i have for buka puasa etc..she also told me that she has learned how to perform solat.together with my 5 years old little brother.alhamdulillah..but, the part when she asked, “when r u coming home?”, i really felt like crying.wont be coming home until at least for another one year.maybe more.that message really touched me.I`ve been really close with those two little sister and brother of mine.i dont really know why, maybe i`d been spending so much time taking care of them when they were smaller babies.maybe la.thus making them tend to be more close with me than my other siblings.huu..sori k lil sis.bang long wont be coming home this raya.if only could have holiday on dat day, i would certainly be coming home to celebrate raya with all of you.surely.but i can`t.dont really know what to say, but sabar la k?maybe next year, or the years after that, we can celebrate raya like we have had before.really miss being with u guys on hari raya.jgn nakal2 kat rumah, n make sure u n irfan help mum and dad with the preparations too, k?n also study elok2, dont malas2 belajar kat sekolah.and take good care of you n miss you so much…

here`s the real sms that i got.sorry it`s in bhs sarawak, but i think u can somehow understand it.
please let go bout the baku words and ejaan.remember, she`s juz almost 7 ok.

“apa khabar bang long?bang long sihat kah?bang long dah sungkir kah?bang long makan apa?bang long pulang hari apa?bang long kamik dan irfan dah pandai sembahyang.kamik dah pandai sembahyang subuh dan maghrib.irfan pulak dah pandai sembahyang maghrib jak.kamik dan irfan dah pandai puasa.”


3 Responses to bang long..

  1. zek says:

    pison ~ thx! =)

    zzah ~ ya ndak lu homesick oleh ny.hehe..

  2. z z a h says:

    wawa..cdeh na..mun kmk jd ktk piluk juak ati:(

  3. Pison The Great says:

    Now, dat’s what I call a happy family! 😀

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