Nasib, nasib…

It has been a while since my last post.lots of things happened during the past one month.some were happy ones, some were not.actually I was thinking of writing about my Hari Raya celebration that day but I was too busy that i didn`t even have time to switch on my laptop.2 weeks after raya, I finally had my free time so I decided to have my raya post written.But, I dunno why, maybe it was my bad luck, I couldn`t open the files in my hard disk.I tried a few times to open, even try asking my friends to help, but to no avail.I think the files corrupted.Only god knows how sad I was at that time.Kalau file tu nak corrupt, x kisah sbnrnya, tp yg kisah tu dgn file2 gambar sekali sume corrupt!abis sume gambar yg ade kat dlm hard disk tu.Xder sebijik pun lagi yg tinggal.Sume tu gambar2 dari mula2 sampai kat Jepun dulu sampai raya aritu.Waaaaa!!!!!Sedih sangat2..

Mula2 tu memang sedih giler2, tp dh bbrp hr lps tu dh redha dh.Anggap je la sume nye takdir.Anggap je ade hikmah bnde tu jadik.Maybe it was a sign from Allah for me to start a new life after something that happened a few days before that.Maybe.We don`t know what Allah plans for us.Hope that life after this will be better and happier.Hope so.InsyaAllah..

Last week I went for a programming contest for 4 days in Fukushima.Had a lot of fun!I`ll post something about that later, after I got all the photos from my lecturer.In 3 days time, my college will be having the yearly held Kosen Sai(College Festival) just like the one last year.Its gonna be an unofficial a week holiday for us!=)This year me and my other foreign student friends are going to have a stall during 2 days of the festival.Wanna know what are we gonna sell?Wait for the post on the festival later k.X leh bagitau awal2.X best.hehe..X sbr ni berfestival.Harap2 urikire(売り切れ)(sold out) nanti.Nanti dapat la banyak sikit untung. ;P

Okay, till next time.I`ll update later bout the contest and festival.Have a nice day everybody!

Kosen Sai 08 official website -> here

One Response to Nasib, nasib…

  1. kamen says:

    huhuu.. what makes you too busy to even not be able to turn on your laptop??? that just sounds soo impossible to me:P

    sweet!! i love japanese and their customs and celebrations^^ cant wait for that post i tell ya.

    and not forgetting your programming contest post;)

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