autumn 08

Since that it looks like it`s gonna take some time processing the photos from the College Festival, I think its better to put something else first, so that at least there`s an update right? (;

On the day after th Cultural Festival day(one of the festival in the College Festival), we had a day off.Actually it`s a day for kemas2 all the things from the stalls the day before, but since that kami xde kaitan dgn kemas2 nih, we decided to go out for jalan2 sikit.Sebenarnya nak pegi lunch kat Tandoori, kedai Pakistan, tapi alang2 dah keluar jauh sikit tu, kira jalan lah sekali kan?

Here are some of the views of Kurume City..

-I was accompanied by dua org mamat ni-

-downtown Kurume-
When we arrived at Tandoori, it was closed, so we went to other place.We decided to try something at Jolly Pasta.

-I ordered the spaghetti with Mozarella cheese.Yummy!-

-and we shared this pizza-

-rosdee had this tiramisu for dessert, while Akmal and I had banana split-

After eating, we decided to go back to the college using other route, thinking of jalan2 a bit.

-100 Nen Ko-en (100 Years Memorial Park)-

-that`s Ishibashi Science Center behind me-

Ishibashi is actually the Japanese name for Bridgestone, a famous tyre-maker company.Bridgestone actually comes from this city.That`s why there are quite a number of places in Kurume-city with the company`s name together with them as they are built and contributed by the company.

Coming here, I can feel the autumn mood because the tree`s leaves had already changed their colours, not like the trees at the college`s.Maybe they are different type of trees, I think.

-Kurume Kosen`s Malaysian clans-

-the most important transportation method for us here-

-It really feels autumn!!-

-accidently had the same pose as Sedi as I was rushing for the camera`s timer (” ‘.’)-

-Kurume City Public Pool-

-Kurume-Shi Bird Centre-

4 Responses to autumn 08

  1. zek says:

    apa “dua jari” ya??

  2. Pison The Great says:

    Knk mesti post “dua jari” itu? Cerr… hahaha…

  3. zek says:

    ye la..

  4. zhenhui says:

    jarang giler zack update!!!
    update banyak banyak sikit tau!!! πŸ˜€
    ps:lawa giler kouen πŸ™‚

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