2008 College Festival – Preparation

Early this month, from 1st-6th november, our college had the annual College Festival.This years theme is Cultural Bakasawagi.
The festival is held for 6 days, and consists of a few event:
Zenyasai(Pre-night Festival, 2nd Nov)
Bunkasai(Cultural Festival, 3rd Nov)
Taiikusai(Sports Festival, 5th Nov)

This year, the foreign students decided to open a stall during the Zenyasai and Bunkasai day.Last year we didn`t get to have the stall as our senior at that time said no about it though we really wanted to.For sure, we as the junior couldn`t do anything and just dengan berat hati nodded our head to what he said.But this year, we discussed among ourselves and agreed that it is a MUST to open the stall during the festival.
So, after going through all the paperworks, meetings and so on, we finally got the permission from the festival`s committe.
After the class ended on that Friday(31st Oct), we started preparing for the festival.

31st October 08

-doing the decorations and signboard for our stall-

1st November 08

-the committe members are also busy with their works-

-the stage is up-

-ape diorang buat ntah-

On the night before Zenyasai, we started preparing all the ingredients needed for the dish that we were going to sell.I am very happy and glad that everyone were very cooperative, and they were willing to listen to everything they were asked to do, without complaining.

-best tau potong bawang ramai2 camni sambil mengumpat* haha..-
-head chef preparing the *****-
After finishing the ingredient-cutting-sambil mengumpat session, we continued with our country introduction-poster.The poster is to be exhibited during the Bunkasai day to promote our countries and nak ajar sikit org2 Jepun ni yang tak tau pasal negara2 luar.

-our simple poster-

Zenyasai day-2nd November 08

The festival would start at 12pm with the students gathered, wear a kind of costume and carry a thing(I forgot the name), paraded around the town and get back to the college after 2pm.They would be splashed with water by the people along the way.The college`s festival is very well known to local people in Kurume and the college receives a lot of support from them.I noticed this when I saw the programme book for the festival, where there were list of sponsor companies written there.Now I know how the college could afford to have fireworks during the festival.

The stalls would only start selling from 3pm, so we took the time in the morning to cut some more onions and potatoes for our dish.

-sume baru bangun tido ni..-
At 930am, while the others continued with the cutting session, me and 3 others went to set up our stall`s tent.

-getting the chairs-
-the tent`s `skeletons`-
-this is where our stall would be-

-the students going for the parade are also preparing their things-
-the `thing` they carry during the parade-
-the other `competitors` –
-all set!-
By 11pm, everybody had finished setting up their stall.There would be around 30 stalls selling all kinds of food, drinks and even doing some games.Since that our stall were already up, I left it up to my friends to take care of things like decorations etc, while I head back to the hostel to prepare the dish!

To be continued…