Aidilfitri 1430H – Part 1

Warning : This is a post with lots of photos..

Last week we had a blast Hari Raya celebration.20 kosen students gathered in Fukuoka, Kyushu, and we celebrated lebaran together.We mostly came from Kyushu and west Honshu area, where summer holiday is earlier than those upper north,  hence we can`t celebrate raya at home, in Malaysia.Plus, for us to travel north to celebrate raya is too much costly, so our juniors came up with an idea to organise our own raya celebration.Since it was in Fukuoka, we the Kurume Kosen students automatically become the host for this event.

The event started with our friends from other places arriving in Hakata, Fukuoka on the 18th and 19th of August.Most of them stayed at the house rented specially for the event in Hakata, while some of them stayed at our college`s hostel.

On Saturday, the 19th, those in charge of cooking were busy buying and preparing the groceries and things needed for all the dishes planned.While they were doing all that at home, we treated the others for a jalan-jalan around Fukuoka city.Sorry guys for at one time, took you all on the wrong bus that day but I hope you enjoyed the places I brought you to.

That night, after buka puasa with the kohai girls cooking, we had a lot of chat and played some cards among us, while waiting for the confirmation of  Hari Raya date.Then about 15 minutes past 9pm, we got to know through ERA that Hari Raya would be the on the 20th, which was the next day!Thankfully we had everything ready from the beginning, so there was no need to panic.Since it`s malam raya, so like always, everyone called their family, and I think some cried during that time.Heheh..At about 10pm, we and those who were going to stay at our hostel made our move and left all the other preparations to the others at the house.

20 August 2009, 1 Syawal 1430H, we got up very early in the morning, get prepared, put on our Baju Melayu, and we started our journey to raya prayer at Fukuoka Masjid.We went straight by train, and would be meeting the others there. Looking at their happy faces made me for some moment forget about the fact of not being with my own family for the 3rd straight time on Hari Raya.

About 6.25am, Kurume Eki

About 6.25am, Kurume Eki

Ke masjid hala tuju kami..

Ke masjid hala tuju kami..

To Fukuoka Masjid..

Fukuoka Masjid..

Takbir before Eid prayer

Takbir before Eid prayer

After the Raya prayer, had some jamuan at the Masjid, and after that we went for a photography session at a park nearby.After all the poses and fun, we headed to the house for our own jamuan and I should say this, the chefs had done a very good job!The rendang was marvelous, and we also had daging masak merah, soto, ketupat and you know what, LEMANG!Respect la you all, boleh buat lemang pakai oven jer.Of course la cannot lawan the original lemang, but for someone who have not had a lemang for 3 years, it was like heaven!Credit to the chefs!

Jamuan @ Masjid

Eid Mubarak!

As usual, a formal photo is a must..

As usual, a formal photo is a must.. well as `wild` photo. well as `wild` photo.

I personally like this photo very much.

I personally like this photo very much.

And this one too.

And this one too.

Orang lain dok tengok je lam tren..

Jalan balik rumah(tak sabar nak makan)

Jalan balik rumah(tak sabar nak makan)



Finished eating, the chefs and the others who helped prepared the dishes were given time to have some rest.After Asar, we made our move for another jalan-jalan in Fukuoka city, but this time with our Baju Melayus and Baju Kurungs.Though we had the Japanese looking at us all the time, but we didn`t even give a care about it, in fact, it was fun!Wearing our traditional costumes and having other staring somehow give us some sense of pride of our own culture.After touring around the Fukuoka Tower and Yahoo Dome area, with some more photography sessions, we went back to the house and had another round of jamuan and chats before we went back to Kurume.

Fukuoka Tower in the back

Fukuoka Tower in the back


Lepak-lepak at beach

Yahoo Dome

Yahoo Dome

To be continued…


8 Responses to Aidilfitri 1430H – Part 1

  1. semutcomel says:

    sempat jalan-jalan time raya..best2…raya sakan la nie…kite kena lekat ngan laptop je time raya..waa..xbest..raya ngan assigment dan report…

  2. Calvin says:

    Wow, nice pictures-lah Zack!
    I love the plane picture the most.
    Lucky you guys for having an airport so near the city >.<

    Selamat Hari Raya by the way.
    Hope it's still not too late =P

  3. batuterang says:

    zack, gambar kapal terbang tu real ka?

  4. ila says:

    owh zack!da lame tggu ko update blog…akhirnye…
    had the best raya celebration ever…xpe zek,next yer kite raye kt msia plak..
    nway…tq bwk jaln2..sonok bangat,xkisah sesat..janji nek bas 100yen..ops 220yen..
    jgn lupe part 2~~

    ps: suke gak gambar2 tersebut..heeee

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