Fukuoka Motor Show 2009

Last week, we took the opportunity of the school holiday to go to the 2nd Fukuoka Motor Show in Fukuoka-city. The event held for four straight days, with different exhibitions on each day. We choose to go on the first day, as the foreign car-makers would appear on that day. After the Friday prayer at Fukuoka Masjid, we then went to Marine Messe, the venue for this year`s motor show.

We have been waiting eagerly for this event since that we missed the 1st Fukuoka Motor Show in 2007, which got very good reviews from our friends and lecturers. Unfortunately, for this year`s motor show, there were less exhibits, in term of manufacturers and the models themselves. Plus, there were very few exhibits of what can be say as the main attraction for most motor shows, the concept cars. Maybe the companies were trying to minimize their expenses due to the recent economic downturn, which resulted them to limit their entries and exhibits. But since that we have paid the 800yen(which I think was not really worth spent, but still more worthy compared to other people who paid the normal price-1300yen(for 1 dayonly)), we made sure that we`d at least took a short look at all the models exhibited.

Some of the models displayed:

And kami pun nak berangan kejap..

Din!Helmet mana??!!

Halo, mak?Jap eh, kawe tgh bwk moto nih..

ececeh kemal...

: x


Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah kepada semua umat Islam

Let`s pray for a better year ahead for everyone.


Kaki Gari

Three weeks ago, we were brought by a pakcik from our hostel`s office to experience 「かき狩り」(kakigari), which means “persimmon picking”. We went to a farm owned by another pakcik who takes care of our college`s gymnasium hall. That two pakciks know each other, so it was not that hard to ask for permission to go to his farm. So, that Saturday morning, we hop into the pakcik hostel`s car, and went to pakcik gym`s farm which was about 45 minutes ride from our college.

We didn`t went straight there, but we waited him at some place near his farm.Then, he came and he led the way to his farm through a narrow road going up the hill.Arrived there, we were immediately passed with gloves and some kind of scissors which would be use to cut the persimmon`s stems.Then, after some introduction of ourselves and some explanation  about the fruit, we started going to the persimmon trees to do our jobs.

Here we go..

We had to be very careful when picking the fruits so that they wont be damaged. If the fruits got even a very small scratch on it, they are no longer eligible to be sold. So bearing that in our minds, we did our job carefully.

Kaki(persimmon) fruit

Persimmon trees

The persimmon trees are not that tall. So it was not very hard picking them up. The only problem that inexperienced people like us had was picking the right fruits, not the still young ones and not too old ones. So it took us quite a long time choosing the fruits to be picked up.

What happens when left too long on the trees - they rot

Petik buah bang?

"Lapar nih..aci tak makan cani jer?"

After about an hour of picking session, we managed to collect about three crates of persimmons. Then we had some free time talking with him and at the same time having an “all you can eat” persimmon session too. The pakcik gym`s wife was very kind enough to come with some hot coffee for us. During the conversation, we were told that the persimmons produced around that area are very good in terms of quality and taste. He also told that the area`s farms did won some national level awards for their fruits. No wonder I felt that the fruits that we ate tasted better than the one that I got from my friend a few days before.

Kena susun elok2, nanti rosak

Nak makan basuh dulu

Before we went back, we got ourselves a big plastic bag full with persimmons from that pakcik. That was very kind of him despite all those which we already ate before that. After thanking him and his wife, we then rode the pakcik hostel`s Pajero to go back to college.

Kiri sekali pakcik hostel, sebelah dia pakcik gym n yang bawah tu wife dia

On that way back, the pakcik stopped by at a wine factory to show the other overseas student the wine making process. We were not interested in wine, so we the Malaysians took the opportunity to perform our Asar prayer. While waiting for them, we just walked around the factory`s compound and did some camwhoring. After they finished their visit, we then head back to the Pajero and went back to our college…