Aidilfitri 1430H – Part 2

Sorry for the SUPER late update.

This post is the continuation of Part 1.

On the 2nd day of Raya, we gave our friends a mini barbeque treat in Kurume.The place was at Chikugo River,  just beside our own college.That morning we had ourselves busy preparing the barbeque set etc at the spot while waiting for our friends coming from Hakata.We started to panggang the chickens and satays when they arrived.Had lots of chat and fun.It is very rare to have our friends from the upper part of Japan to came all the way down here to Kyushu, so we were very happy ourselves.

Kipas Yi, kipas

Yang belakang sana memanggang, yang depan ni melahap~

Suma bau asap ler~~

Lompat jgn x lompat

Haa..kan dah injured


In the evening, we brought our friends to Tosu Premium Outlets, not very far from our place for some shopping.This was the last place we went as most of them were going back that night.I expected them to be back from Tosu with their hands full of shopping bags, but most of them came back to the gathering spot with only one.Congrats!Kuat iman diorang ni.Hehe..Oh ya, before that, we parted with one of our friend from Tokushima as he had to catch the train back to his place.Thanks Din for coming.

Bus stop

The Tsuyamas minus Yi n Fadzil

After Tosu, we then head to Hakata Station, to send our friends back to their places.Those from Okayama and Wakayama would be boarding the bus from the station.While waiting for the departure time, we had dinner together at a restaurant.Then, our friend from Wakayama boarded the bus the earliest, followed by the Okayamas.Bit by bit our group became smaller, we felt a bit of loneliness.We actually hoped that they could stay a bit more longer, but they would be having classes the next next day, so there was nothing we could do.Anyway, I would like to thank everyone for coming to Fukuoka, and hoped that everyone had a great time!We did.Thanks again! =)


Have a safe journey home




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