Need Time to Breath

I am afraid that part 2 of  Oniyo Fire Festival can`t be posted in the near time. I am now VERY BUSY finishing my thesis with still lots of things to do despite the presentation is on this Friday. Just finished writing the thesis at around 400am in the lab and submitted it to the lecturer’s room at around 430am after some final checking. But still, it`s not the time to be relieved as it will be returned later today after being checked by him. And I expect there will be lots of rewriting to be done(though I really hope not) considering our strict lecturer. Need to have some good food to gain energy for another 4days of sleepless night. Furthermore, I got to have my things ready packed today since that tomorrow we have to move to other rooms to give way for some renovation at the current ones. Gosh…hopefully I don`t get sick during this important period of time. Please, help me God.

Well, for the part 2`s post, though it is not yet finished, I`d like to share just some previews of it.







4 Responses to Need Time to Breath

  1. semutcomel says:

    take care…wat keje jangan sampai jatuh sakit k..=)

  2. halfi says:

    i love the fire pics! very beautiful! heheh..
    did u edit the pics? where’d u learn photography? mind sharing some knowledge with me;)

    • azekm says:

      aku x edit gmbr ya..malas..heheh..just tmbh frame jak..
      I do get advices from some friends, but mostly I learn through experience(by taking lots of pics)..more than 90% of my pics are usually failed one but from these pics I learnt what went wrong..haha.. lu rs pndei glak jak aku tk amik gmbr..pdhl xda la gne2..sm2 kta bljr n improve our skills!

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