The end of one life, the beginning of a new one…

Today is my last night in college, and my last night in Fukuoka, Kyushu. Tomorrow I’ll be moving up north to attend a university there InsyaAllah for another 2 years of study. I do feel sad leaving this place, where I’d been living for the last 3years. I’ve been through up and downs, joy and tears through that period here and life here has been a great experience for me.

The 3 years in Kurume-shi, Fukuoka has really taught me a lot about life and change me in some way. From being the only Malaysian in college in my first year here, which really taught me of being independent in everything, now there are 4 other Malaysians here and there are 3 more coming from next month.  From being not knowing anyone to being friends with Japanese classmates and the neighborhood locals. From only knowing standard Japanese to being able communicate with the local accent. From shaking hands to bowing my head down.From eating with hand to eating with chopsticks. From having no interest in singing to going to karaoke during leisure time. From depending on cars to cycling to go to places. From dreaming of laying down on snow to complaining of too much of it. From saying “euuww”  to saying “yummy” on raw fish. From drinking boiled pipe water to drinking straight from the pipe. From wearing the same clothes all year round to changing what I wear for every single season…….And lots of other changes. Not to forget from being thin slim to gemok berisi.=P

I am surely gonna miss the life here very very very much since I really really like and love Fukuoka and Kurume itself. I love Fukuoka city very much, though it`s not as big as Tokyo or Osaka. And I love Kurume for being close to Fukuoka where I can easily take the plane to go back to Malaysia straight from the Fukuoka Airport. I love the nice and friendly people here especially those around the college area. I also love the not-so-cold weather here since I am no good with cold and freezing temperature.

Eventhough if possible, I wouldn’t want to move away from here, but to achieve my dream, life must go on. Although the place I am going is a very cold place which I don’t like and it is not a big city like Fukuoka, I take that as a new challenge and experience for me. Life at a new place will be different and may not be as what I expect but I hope and pray to Allah that everything will be fine and good for me and my friends there.


Packed things


Writing the addresses while waiting for the boxes to be picked up


The labels


Angkat elok2 barang saya ye pakcik!


Last dinner in Kurume @ kedai udon plg sedap kat Jepun!=)


Dengan makcik pakcik & pekerja yg best sgt2!Noticed the twins?


Last date with gf... 大変世話になりました!




One Response to The end of one life, the beginning of a new one…

  1. salmi says:

    otsukare n omedeto! aku pn da gik 2 taun. hehe

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