Aidilfitri 1430H – Part 3

This post is the continuation of Part 1 and Part2

On the third day of Raya, there left only 10 of us, who luckily had a little longer holiday than the others.On that day, we went for a football friendly tournament organised by the Fukuoka muslims society.We formed the Malaysian team together with some students from Kyushu University, to compete with the other teams, 2 Arabs team, a Bangladesh team, and one mixed team with members from other minority countries.The tournament was played with league system.It took us quite some time to look for the park where there tournament is held since we were not familiar with the area, plus it was raining that day.However we fortunately arrived just in time before the game started.

Getting ready

The Malaysian `TIGERS` =P

Bro nuri in action

Against the Bangladesh

Kewajipan tak dilupa

Some arguments during the final match, but nothing serious.Biasa la orang Arab..

Bujang lapuk? haha..

Muslims unites

The tournament ended at about 6pm.The top 2 teams in the league were the Arabs and they played in the final match.We only managed 3 draws and lost one game.All in all, we enjoyed ourselves on that day.This kind of activity gathered the muslims here and it encourages more interaction among us, thus promote more unity and understanding of each other.Hopefully there will be more activity like this in the future.We will be happy to participate.

new guy

LIVERPOOL has got a new guy!

Name: Martin Skrtel

Position: Defender
Date of Birth: 15/12/1984
Birth Place: Handlova, Slovakia
Height: 6’4
Weight: 12st 11
International caps: 15
Former clubs: FC Previdza, FC Trencin, Zenit St Petersburg

Marseille 0-4 Liverpool