Hey!It’s been a long2 time since I wrote here. Slightly more than a year. I didn`t really have specific reasons why I stopped writing, but I just didn`t have the mood or feeling to write or share anything. Most probably because I had quite a busy year last year. Lots of things happened during that time, and I am very grateful to Allah because almost all of them are good ones. Yup, you can say that it was a happy one year+ for me.:))) It will be a very very long post if I am too mentioned them all here, so I decided to give just quick updates of some important events during this past one year.

1. I finally stepped my foot in university in spring last year, at last after 3years of diploma in college. My university is somewhere in the northern part of Japan, a place where they have lots of snow, and longer winter, so it is a new environment for me. During college, I was in Fukuoka, in south Japan where we get more sunlight, and longer summer. Even during the winter, it hardly ever gone below 0 degree, the coldest was maybe 5 degrees, and we hardly ever got snow there. But in my current place, minus degrees is common, and sunlights are quite rare during winter. Snow fall heavily, and that makes life quite hard during that time as we have to walk to the campus every single day, and if you try to walk in snow, you would know how tiring it is. I took quite a  number of classes in in both semesters, with 2 or 3 classes everyday, 4 on friday, as I planned to get enough credit so that I can have a ‘relaxing’ 4th year. Now, I am in 4th year, my final year, and I have only 3 classes this semester, and no class next sem. Yeay! Of course I still have my final year research to be done but I am glad that I wont be burdened too much by my classes and so on. Gambarimasu!

Early winter @ campus

2. I went back to Malaysia last summer, after 2 years, and it was a super great holiday! Not only I get to meet my family after such a long time, I got to celebrate Hari Raya at home with my loved ones. I celebrated 3years of Raya(1+2belated Raya) and the feeling was awesome. I got to eat everything I`d been craving to eat, meet eveyone who I`d been eager to meet, and do everything I`ve wanted to do. Simple said, Raya sakan lah! Hehe.  Marvellous summer holiday!

Raya 2010

Raya 2010

3. Life in university is very different with the life I had in college. There are more Malaysians here, 30+ of them to be exact, compared to 5 of us during college. During college we did do activities together, but I can say that we mixed more with the Japanese. Me myself was the only foreigner in my class back then, and now I have 5 other Malaysians together with me. With the large number of Malaysians here, we have a lot of activities together. We would have at least one every month, where mostly we would go for jalan2 to places and have barbeques, picnics etc. I can see things that I cant usually see in college, like their unity and cooperation in planning for trips, during preparing food the night before and so on. Yes, we did also have something like that in college, but usually it was more spontaneous act, like, “jom kuar esok jom”, something like that. So there was no much discussion or planning involved. We also didnt have annual events like new students welcoming party, seniors farewell party, or sports tournament among us back then. And ya, we also have Yasin reciting here every Thursday night, which the last time I remember having it during high school. All in all, I enjoy my life here. 🙂

New mates

Akita family

Tohoku Malaysians

4. This years spring holiday, I went back home again! I was just back 1/2 year ago, but I decided to go back again coz I had to get a few things settled, and I had a few other things I intended to do back home. One of them, I finally got my driving license this holiday! I was sangat2 happy, sangat2 lega, memang sangat2! I’d dreamt of having it for the past few years, since I graduated from high school, and the moment my instructor passed the licensed into my hand, I was like rasa nak lompat2 jak! haha! Of course la sik sampey gya, mestila keep cool, amik dari nya, padah makseh and jalan slow2 masuk rumah. Padahal lam hati nang suk gila! Hehe. I also got to go for a holiday with my family, though a short one, it was great! Sebab lamak dah sik gi bercuti ngan family. Lamak gilak2. I also get to meet with my family on my father’s side in Melaka, kesian nenek sebab kata rindu nak jumpa. Last time I went back to Melaka was during World Cup in German, which was in 2006! Nang lamak gila. There, we attended the wedding ceremony of my 2 cousins, who are siblings. They had the majlis persandingan together, and we took that chance to balik kampung. You know, quite a few of people I know got married during this spring holiday. Those my 2 cousins(one is a year younger than me), and then a classmate during Japanese Language preparatory school, and my ex-roommate at that time(who is also a year younger). Then I realize, dah tua dah aku tok duhal, dah umur where people around me are getting engaged, married and so on. Tapi kenak aku rasa aku agik nemiak? Haha. 😛

@Pusat Sains Negara

Majlis bersanding

5. As we all know, Japan experienced a massive earthquake and tsunami recently, where the northern part of of it`s main island`s east coast was the most devastated areas. I was really shock when I found out about the news on that friday afternoon, and I was really2 grateful and thankful to Allah that I was already back in Malaysia at that time. I was really worried with the safety of my friends in Japan, but thank God that all Malaysians were safe, including those at my place. I did contacted some of them through facebook, and they were fine. My place also endured quite a big earthquake that according to my friends some electric poles outside our house went down. But gratefully, they were not under tsunami`s area as we are on the west coast of Japan. But still they had to endure one cold night without electricity, and the phones were also down. And they had to face shortage of food in supermarkets, and everywhere as a result of panic buying. Actually till today, there are still certain shelves in the supermarket are still empty, mostly the yogurts, milk shelves and instant food area. But things are getting better and better by day. Japan is still struggling with the nuclear power plant problem, but I do believe that the government is doing its best to keep it in control. So mom, dad, family and friends back home, there`s no need be worried as we are all safe and ok here. The embassy are doing well keeping in contact with us and I know they will they do their best in guaranteeing our safety here.

Yeah, it`s gonna be another year for me here. I am praying to Allah for good times ahead, semoga segala urusan kita dipermudahkan dan semoga kita semua dikurniakan kejayaan oleh-Nya di dunia dan di akhirat. Kita hanya mampu merancang, namun Allah yang menentukan. Tapi itu bukan bermaksud kita hanya duduk dan tunggu sahaja untuk sesuatu berlaku. Berusahalah dan kemudian bertawakal pada-Nya, insyaAllah kita akan dapat apa yang kita impikan. 🙂


Class trip

For 3 days before our graduation day, our class went for a ski trip in Nagano prefecture. We planned this trip as our graduation trip and last activity together before finishing our college life. We gathered at Fukuoka airport on that Monday morning and ride the plane to Komatsu Airport in Ishikawa prefecture before taking a 4hours bus trip from the airport to Nagano.


Fukuoka Airport boarding hall


Boarding the plane


Komatsu Airport arrival hall


Bus to Nagano


Nagano still in snow


We arrived in Nagano at around 1pm and checked in at our hotel soon after arriving. Then we went to the ski resort to pick our rental skis, snowboards and wear. My friends were all in great excitement as it was the first ski@snowboard experience for most of them. We then get back to the hotel to change into the ski@snowboard  attires and and then head to the ski resort together. Since it was still the first day, we spent the time learning and getting use to the skis and boards. We were there till about 5pm and by that time I saw that everyone had managed to at least skied and boarded down the beginner`s course without falling down.


To the hotel


Marybell Hotel


To the rental shop


The 'short cut' told by makcik at the hotel


Getting our boards and wear


Ready to glide!


My friend, Shingai


On the second day, since that everyone had master the basic skills, we tried ourselves doing some more difficult ones like making the ‘S’ shape and others. We also went to the more sloppy and difficult upper courses and some even already tried doing jumps, ollies etc. Trying and challenging to do all these skills are quite hard for amateurs like us and we do fall down lots of times in many ways either falling forward, backward or whatever ways you can think of. Skiing and snowboarding are very dangerous if you don`t know how to control yourself, in fact I once fell with my neck and shoulder down first and it was quite scary but fortunately there weren’t any injury involved. That night, after all the falls during the day, we all had muscle-aches everywhere over the body which made it quite difficult for us to move around hence why I think everyone went to sleep very early. I think mostly everyone were already asleep by 10pm that night. Me myself were already in my dreamland 2 hours before that.


View from a restaurant at the resort


Great view


Got to ride this to go to the upper couses


Two friends of mine


The room


Dinner time


On the third day, we woke up early to pack our things as we were going to check out after breakfast that day before going for another ski and snowboarding session at the resort. After checking out, we put our things at one place and we then went for the last session as we are going back to Fukuoka at 2pm that day. On this day, we had almost the routine like the day before. After having much fun at the ski resort, we returned our rental equipments, change our clothes and had some lunch before boarding the bus to Komatsu Airport. From Komatsu Airport, we ride into the plane back to Fukuoka Airport where we then say goodbye to each other and go back to our own places.


Burying Nakamuta


Waiting for our bus


Checking in


Back in Fukuoka



Night with friends

A few days ago, we had an ‘uchiage‘ party for the Thermal Lab members to celebrate the ending of our grad thesis` and presentation the week before. Our lecturer booked a place at a ‘yakitori'(something like our satay) place and after everyone gathered at the station, we walked together with our lecturer to the party place. To a coincidence, the Control Eng. Lab were having their party at the same place too, at the same time so we combined our party since that they had only 3 members including their lecturer. The more, the merrier, isn`t it?

During party like this, my Japanese friends and lecturers as usual had their favorite beers, while had the ice-tea. For the food, they enjoyed all the grilled-chicken and meat, and I settled with seafood grills. We chatted all the way through the party, about mostly everything, from our backgrounds, about life, friends, girlfriends etc, which we couldn`t usually talk during normal days at college and it was fun.


Friends & lecturers


My food


Thermal Lab


Control Eng. Lab with our Tanaka Sensei inter framing


The party lasted for about 4hours, and at about 1030pm, our lecturers made their move home early as they have to go to work again the next day and left the six of us wondering what to do after that. Everyone felt that it was still early to go back home, so we decided to go do something together since that there are only little time left for our college student life. We had the option of karaoke and bowling, and after some ‘discussion’, the greater number of us opted for bowling. The six of us then packed into our friend`s cute Honda Life and off we went, being very careful not to bump into some patrolling policeman. Luckily we didn`t find one and we arrived at the bowling center safely.

For my other friends, they expected they wouldn`t manage to catch the last train to go home, so they rather play the 5 games pack to kill the time there and later go back to sleep at the college labs. We took turns to bowl and played the first 4 games normally. During that time they were some hilarious moments that made us burst into laughter. Most of them came from our friend Kubo who was drunk. He would fall and slide into the lanes mostly every time he bowled. And there was one time he accidentally threw the ball into the lane next to the lane next to him!Hahaa! It was different case withmy lab mate Eiji, who was ‘bullied’ by the others during the games. It was not the only time he got bullied by his classmates as he is originally the ‘bullied child’ in our class. I know that they were only joking with him, sometimes I pity him for getting picked all the time. But, like Natsuhiro said, “Eiji looked very happy getting picked”, he sure looked happy when everyone teased him.


"Daijoubu desu!!", said my friend, Kubo(black jacket with thumb-up)


Filling the form for bowling


We took 2 lanes


Eiji and Imai bowling


Eiji getting 'bullied'



For the 5th and last game, we thought of having a competition among us. To make it more interesting, we decide that the bottom 2 person would have to treat the top twos for two tries of the “UFO-catcher” games. To ensure that it would be fair for all, the condition is that everyone had to throw with their left hands. Though I didn`t score well in the early frames, I manage to get 2 straight strikes after that which really bounced up my scores, and the result, I got the top 2 together with Natsuhiro. After the game, we the winners got to redeem our ‘prizes’ and we tried our “un” at the “UFO-catcher”. But to our bad luck, none of us manage to get something from the machine. 残念..

After having much fun at the game center, we rode back into Egashira`s cute car and got him sent us back to college. Egashira then drove back home while the others went to the labs and me, after saying goodbye to the others, I went back to hostel for a good night sleep…お疲れした!


Winners redeeming prize from the losers



Last Winter in Kyushu




This year`s snow was the heaviest since I came here about 3 years ago.

And also the coldest winter I’ve had in this southern part of Japan.

The snow on the 31st December was so heavy that we did made our first snowman in Kyushu.

And we had a white New Year’s eve.

Got up early that morning because it was too cold, shivering in the blanket.Looked outside, and saw nothing but all-white scenery everywhere.Without even washing my face, put on the jacket, woke up the juniors and threw ourselves on the snow-covered baseball field.

From room verandah

View from laundry room

College compound

Bucket under a tree

Hostel this way..

That guy

And his friends

Couldn`t bear not to have this..

Buat 'orang salji'

Some Japanese at the other end of the field


Got to feel how the 'org putih' play football in snow

New year kali ni tak rasa apa pun. Sedar-sedar dah 4 Januari.Kelas pun dah nak start.Report tak buat lagi.Bilik bersepah.Baju tak basuh.Haishh..Esok kena start buat sikit2.Anyway, have a good year everyone!

Fukuoka Motor Show 2009

Last week, we took the opportunity of the school holiday to go to the 2nd Fukuoka Motor Show in Fukuoka-city. The event held for four straight days, with different exhibitions on each day. We choose to go on the first day, as the foreign car-makers would appear on that day. After the Friday prayer at Fukuoka Masjid, we then went to Marine Messe, the venue for this year`s motor show.

We have been waiting eagerly for this event since that we missed the 1st Fukuoka Motor Show in 2007, which got very good reviews from our friends and lecturers. Unfortunately, for this year`s motor show, there were less exhibits, in term of manufacturers and the models themselves. Plus, there were very few exhibits of what can be say as the main attraction for most motor shows, the concept cars. Maybe the companies were trying to minimize their expenses due to the recent economic downturn, which resulted them to limit their entries and exhibits. But since that we have paid the 800yen(which I think was not really worth spent, but still more worthy compared to other people who paid the normal price-1300yen(for 1 dayonly)), we made sure that we`d at least took a short look at all the models exhibited.

Some of the models displayed:

And kami pun nak berangan kejap..

Din!Helmet mana??!!

Halo, mak?Jap eh, kawe tgh bwk moto nih..

ececeh kemal...

: x

Kaki Gari

Three weeks ago, we were brought by a pakcik from our hostel`s office to experience 「かき狩り」(kakigari), which means “persimmon picking”. We went to a farm owned by another pakcik who takes care of our college`s gymnasium hall. That two pakciks know each other, so it was not that hard to ask for permission to go to his farm. So, that Saturday morning, we hop into the pakcik hostel`s car, and went to pakcik gym`s farm which was about 45 minutes ride from our college.

We didn`t went straight there, but we waited him at some place near his farm.Then, he came and he led the way to his farm through a narrow road going up the hill.Arrived there, we were immediately passed with gloves and some kind of scissors which would be use to cut the persimmon`s stems.Then, after some introduction of ourselves and some explanation  about the fruit, we started going to the persimmon trees to do our jobs.

Here we go..

We had to be very careful when picking the fruits so that they wont be damaged. If the fruits got even a very small scratch on it, they are no longer eligible to be sold. So bearing that in our minds, we did our job carefully.

Kaki(persimmon) fruit

Persimmon trees

The persimmon trees are not that tall. So it was not very hard picking them up. The only problem that inexperienced people like us had was picking the right fruits, not the still young ones and not too old ones. So it took us quite a long time choosing the fruits to be picked up.

What happens when left too long on the trees - they rot

Petik buah bang?

"Lapar nih..aci tak makan cani jer?"

After about an hour of picking session, we managed to collect about three crates of persimmons. Then we had some free time talking with him and at the same time having an “all you can eat” persimmon session too. The pakcik gym`s wife was very kind enough to come with some hot coffee for us. During the conversation, we were told that the persimmons produced around that area are very good in terms of quality and taste. He also told that the area`s farms did won some national level awards for their fruits. No wonder I felt that the fruits that we ate tasted better than the one that I got from my friend a few days before.

Kena susun elok2, nanti rosak

Nak makan basuh dulu

Before we went back, we got ourselves a big plastic bag full with persimmons from that pakcik. That was very kind of him despite all those which we already ate before that. After thanking him and his wife, we then rode the pakcik hostel`s Pajero to go back to college.

Kiri sekali pakcik hostel, sebelah dia pakcik gym n yang bawah tu wife dia

On that way back, the pakcik stopped by at a wine factory to show the other overseas student the wine making process. We were not interested in wine, so we the Malaysians took the opportunity to perform our Asar prayer. While waiting for them, we just walked around the factory`s compound and did some camwhoring. After they finished their visit, we then head back to the Pajero and went back to our college…

Aidilfitri 1430H – Part 3

This post is the continuation of Part 1 and Part2

On the third day of Raya, there left only 10 of us, who luckily had a little longer holiday than the others.On that day, we went for a football friendly tournament organised by the Fukuoka muslims society.We formed the Malaysian team together with some students from Kyushu University, to compete with the other teams, 2 Arabs team, a Bangladesh team, and one mixed team with members from other minority countries.The tournament was played with league system.It took us quite some time to look for the park where there tournament is held since we were not familiar with the area, plus it was raining that day.However we fortunately arrived just in time before the game started.

Getting ready

The Malaysian `TIGERS` =P

Bro nuri in action

Against the Bangladesh

Kewajipan tak dilupa

Some arguments during the final match, but nothing serious.Biasa la orang Arab..

Bujang lapuk? haha..

Muslims unites

The tournament ended at about 6pm.The top 2 teams in the league were the Arabs and they played in the final match.We only managed 3 draws and lost one game.All in all, we enjoyed ourselves on that day.This kind of activity gathered the muslims here and it encourages more interaction among us, thus promote more unity and understanding of each other.Hopefully there will be more activity like this in the future.We will be happy to participate.