Kaki Gari

Three weeks ago, we were brought by a pakcik from our hostel`s office to experience 「かき狩り」(kakigari), which means “persimmon picking”. We went to a farm owned by another pakcik who takes care of our college`s gymnasium hall. That two pakciks know each other, so it was not that hard to ask for permission to go to his farm. So, that Saturday morning, we hop into the pakcik hostel`s car, and went to pakcik gym`s farm which was about 45 minutes ride from our college.

We didn`t went straight there, but we waited him at some place near his farm.Then, he came and he led the way to his farm through a narrow road going up the hill.Arrived there, we were immediately passed with gloves and some kind of scissors which would be use to cut the persimmon`s stems.Then, after some introduction of ourselves and some explanation  about the fruit, we started going to the persimmon trees to do our jobs.

Here we go..

We had to be very careful when picking the fruits so that they wont be damaged. If the fruits got even a very small scratch on it, they are no longer eligible to be sold. So bearing that in our minds, we did our job carefully.

Kaki(persimmon) fruit

Persimmon trees

The persimmon trees are not that tall. So it was not very hard picking them up. The only problem that inexperienced people like us had was picking the right fruits, not the still young ones and not too old ones. So it took us quite a long time choosing the fruits to be picked up.

What happens when left too long on the trees - they rot

Petik buah bang?

"Lapar nih..aci tak makan cani jer?"

After about an hour of picking session, we managed to collect about three crates of persimmons. Then we had some free time talking with him and at the same time having an “all you can eat” persimmon session too. The pakcik gym`s wife was very kind enough to come with some hot coffee for us. During the conversation, we were told that the persimmons produced around that area are very good in terms of quality and taste. He also told that the area`s farms did won some national level awards for their fruits. No wonder I felt that the fruits that we ate tasted better than the one that I got from my friend a few days before.

Kena susun elok2, nanti rosak

Nak makan basuh dulu

Before we went back, we got ourselves a big plastic bag full with persimmons from that pakcik. That was very kind of him despite all those which we already ate before that. After thanking him and his wife, we then rode the pakcik hostel`s Pajero to go back to college.

Kiri sekali pakcik hostel, sebelah dia pakcik gym n yang bawah tu wife dia

On that way back, the pakcik stopped by at a wine factory to show the other overseas student the wine making process. We were not interested in wine, so we the Malaysians took the opportunity to perform our Asar prayer. While waiting for them, we just walked around the factory`s compound and did some camwhoring. After they finished their visit, we then head back to the Pajero and went back to our college…


Kisah ikan dan labu-labunya

It was my turn to cook today.Ingat nak masak ayam @ daging, tp sbb minggu lepas banyak makan ayam n daging, so tadi decide hari ni makan seafood je.Muak gak banyak makan ayam.Yang minggu lepas tu banyak ayam sbb dh sebulan tak makan ayam.So kira minggu melepas rindu kat ayam la last week.

Tadi malas nak masak benda susah2, so buat yang simple je.Ikan kembung masak kicap ngan udang n labu masak lemak.Nampak simple je, tapi bila makan siyes sedap!hehe..Sekarang dah kenyang, alhamdulillah..

Fish with soy sauce

Labu and shrimp masak lemak (Apa labu n masak lemak lam bi?)

Mula ingat nak update pasal event2 yang dah lepas, tp sbb nk tulis tu ambik masa.Sebab hari tu lama tinggalkan blog, banyak lagi post yang tertangguh.Sekarang baru terhegeh2 nak update psl bnda yang dah 3,4 bulan yg lepas.Tapi takpe, I`ll try to update setakat yang termampu.

Hari Khamis n Jumaat ni ada クラスマッチ(kurasu macchi), kira macam mini sports day la.Setahun ada 2 kali.1st sem sekali, 2nd sem sekali.Lawan antara kelas2 main bola sepak, volleyball, basketball ngan dodgeball.Ingat nak join masuk apa2 la nanti sebab this time will be my last クラスマッチ kat kolej ni.Setakat ni dah 3 kali ikut volleyball, and ketiga2 kali yg aku masuk tu dapat champion!Dulu ada sekali tak join sebab ada hal, kelas aku dapat no.2 je.Adakah sebab aku ada baru boleh menang?hehe..Takde ah.Tak baik riak.Astaghfirullahalazim..Padahal selama ni jadi sub je pon.Haha..Tapi sub yang berguna ok.

Lagi 2 weeks nak winter holiday.Tapi kejap je cuti.Tak sampai 2 minggu pun.Tak tau lagi nat buat apa.Takde plan lagi.Tapi ingat nak jalan Fukuoka or Kyushu je.Nak jalan abis before pindah bulan 3 nanti.Rasa sedih jugak nak pindah actually, sbb Fukuoka best sangat!Tapi demi meneruskan perjuangan, ku terpaksa pergi jua.Huhu..

Nak gi rehat la kejap.Ngantuk nih.Nanti nak buat kerja plak..

Sorry for the long silence…





I`ve been neglecting this blog for more than a month.Even my hari raya post is not yet finished.Sorry for keeping the blog quiet all this while.Actually I`ve been sick every single week this past 1 month.I`ll be writing when I`m back to health again.I pray to Allah that I`ll get better soon.And I hope everyone is always healthy and protected from all sorts of sickness and difficulties.Amin…





Baru lepas tengok balik post2 aku yg dulu.Bila baca balik, segan pulak rasa.BI memang berterabur!Elok lagi esei yang budak form1 tulis kot!

Sesapa yang baca post2 aku tu, abaikanlah grammar mistake yang ada korang jumpa.Make donno je k.

Patutkah aku menyesal pilih belajar kat sini??

*motion stabilizer

really in need of it.
i`ll be away from writing for quite sometime.
maybe a week, maybe a month, could be a few months.
till everything settle down.
this coming 4 months will be the most crucial,
and maybe the hardest time of my life.
praying that I`ll get over it.
2009 is coming.
hoping for a better year ahead,
for me, for everyone.
my family, friends and anyone who knows me,
forgive me for everything I did wrong.
wish me luck.

Nasib, nasib…

It has been a while since my last post.lots of things happened during the past one month.some were happy ones, some were not.actually I was thinking of writing about my Hari Raya celebration that day but I was too busy that i didn`t even have time to switch on my laptop.2 weeks after raya, I finally had my free time so I decided to have my raya post written.But, I dunno why, maybe it was my bad luck, I couldn`t open the files in my hard disk.I tried a few times to open, even try asking my friends to help, but to no avail.I think the files corrupted.Only god knows how sad I was at that time.Kalau file tu nak corrupt, x kisah sbnrnya, tp yg kisah tu dgn file2 gambar sekali sume corrupt!abis sume gambar yg ade kat dlm hard disk tu.Xder sebijik pun lagi yg tinggal.Sume tu gambar2 dari mula2 sampai kat Jepun dulu sampai raya aritu.Waaaaa!!!!!Sedih sangat2..

Mula2 tu memang sedih giler2, tp dh bbrp hr lps tu dh redha dh.Anggap je la sume nye takdir.Anggap je ade hikmah bnde tu jadik.Maybe it was a sign from Allah for me to start a new life after something that happened a few days before that.Maybe.We don`t know what Allah plans for us.Hope that life after this will be better and happier.Hope so.InsyaAllah..

Last week I went for a programming contest for 4 days in Fukushima.Had a lot of fun!I`ll post something about that later, after I got all the photos from my lecturer.In 3 days time, my college will be having the yearly held Kosen Sai(College Festival) just like the one last year.Its gonna be an unofficial a week holiday for us!=)This year me and my other foreign student friends are going to have a stall during 2 days of the festival.Wanna know what are we gonna sell?Wait for the post on the festival later k.X leh bagitau awal2.X best.hehe..X sbr ni berfestival.Harap2 urikire(売り切れ)(sold out) nanti.Nanti dapat la banyak sikit untung. ;P

Okay, till next time.I`ll update later bout the contest and festival.Have a nice day everybody!

Kosen Sai 08 official website -> here



diz is the 3rd sms from her.how can i resist not to be homesick??