autumn 08

Since that it looks like it`s gonna take some time processing the photos from the College Festival, I think its better to put something else first, so that at least there`s an update right? (;

On the day after th Cultural Festival day(one of the festival in the College Festival), we had a day off.Actually it`s a day for kemas2 all the things from the stalls the day before, but since that kami xde kaitan dgn kemas2 nih, we decided to go out for jalan2 sikit.Sebenarnya nak pegi lunch kat Tandoori, kedai Pakistan, tapi alang2 dah keluar jauh sikit tu, kira jalan lah sekali kan?

Here are some of the views of Kurume City..

-I was accompanied by dua org mamat ni-

-downtown Kurume-
When we arrived at Tandoori, it was closed, so we went to other place.We decided to try something at Jolly Pasta.

-I ordered the spaghetti with Mozarella cheese.Yummy!-

-and we shared this pizza-

-rosdee had this tiramisu for dessert, while Akmal and I had banana split-

After eating, we decided to go back to the college using other route, thinking of jalan2 a bit.

-100 Nen Ko-en (100 Years Memorial Park)-

-that`s Ishibashi Science Center behind me-

Ishibashi is actually the Japanese name for Bridgestone, a famous tyre-maker company.Bridgestone actually comes from this city.That`s why there are quite a number of places in Kurume-city with the company`s name together with them as they are built and contributed by the company.

Coming here, I can feel the autumn mood because the tree`s leaves had already changed their colours, not like the trees at the college`s.Maybe they are different type of trees, I think.

-Kurume Kosen`s Malaysian clans-

-the most important transportation method for us here-

-It really feels autumn!!-

-accidently had the same pose as Sedi as I was rushing for the camera`s timer (” ‘.’)-

-Kurume City Public Pool-

-Kurume-Shi Bird Centre-


Nasib, nasib…

It has been a while since my last post.lots of things happened during the past one month.some were happy ones, some were not.actually I was thinking of writing about my Hari Raya celebration that day but I was too busy that i didn`t even have time to switch on my laptop.2 weeks after raya, I finally had my free time so I decided to have my raya post written.But, I dunno why, maybe it was my bad luck, I couldn`t open the files in my hard disk.I tried a few times to open, even try asking my friends to help, but to no avail.I think the files corrupted.Only god knows how sad I was at that time.Kalau file tu nak corrupt, x kisah sbnrnya, tp yg kisah tu dgn file2 gambar sekali sume corrupt!abis sume gambar yg ade kat dlm hard disk tu.Xder sebijik pun lagi yg tinggal.Sume tu gambar2 dari mula2 sampai kat Jepun dulu sampai raya aritu.Waaaaa!!!!!Sedih sangat2..

Mula2 tu memang sedih giler2, tp dh bbrp hr lps tu dh redha dh.Anggap je la sume nye takdir.Anggap je ade hikmah bnde tu jadik.Maybe it was a sign from Allah for me to start a new life after something that happened a few days before that.Maybe.We don`t know what Allah plans for us.Hope that life after this will be better and happier.Hope so.InsyaAllah..

Last week I went for a programming contest for 4 days in Fukushima.Had a lot of fun!I`ll post something about that later, after I got all the photos from my lecturer.In 3 days time, my college will be having the yearly held Kosen Sai(College Festival) just like the one last year.Its gonna be an unofficial a week holiday for us!=)This year me and my other foreign student friends are going to have a stall during 2 days of the festival.Wanna know what are we gonna sell?Wait for the post on the festival later k.X leh bagitau awal2.X best.hehe..X sbr ni berfestival.Harap2 urikire(売り切れ)(sold out) nanti.Nanti dapat la banyak sikit untung. ;P

Okay, till next time.I`ll update later bout the contest and festival.Have a nice day everybody!

Kosen Sai 08 official website -> here

during those 2 months absence…(part 4)

Mitsui Greenland

Went to Mitsui Greenland.a theme park.about an hour train ride from my was cludy and windy that day.nasib baik pakai baju 2 lapis.ramai gilaer orang aritu.sbb aritu Children`s Day kat Jepun.So ramai parents yang datang bawak anak2 diorang.

-@ north entrance-
sedi: kite g sane r dulu..
zek: x nak.nak g sini dulu.
sedi: sane dulu!
zek: sini dulu!
akmal: …….

-my 2 jalan2 mate.hehe..-

-kecut gak perut naik ni.ingatkan xde pape.-

-haunted house.hmmph..-

-see the line?i`m the last person in it-

-masked rider in action.kitorang pun tengok gak-

-yang ni bez!-

-x naik pun yang ni-

-ni paling best!hehe..-

-ni pun best!roller coaster berdiri!1st time tengok-


-ko tembak ape Mal?-

-aku dah jumpe diorang ni.hehe..-

-we met a mammoth!-
-it`s minus 25.8 C!-

-sejuk giler!-

-habis basah-

-couple je lalu kat sini.kitorang pun redah la jugak bertiga-

-do u think it went to the centre?-
-lucky!got to see the fireworks that nite!-

-aboard the ferris wheel-

during those 2 months absence…(part 3)

Fukuoka City Tour
-Fukuoka Tower, Yahoo Dome, Marinoa City, etc..-

We went for a tour of Fukuoka City.Dah setahun duduk kat sini tappi baru ni la dapat nak jalan explore bandar Fukuoka ni.tapi malangnya sorang drpd kitorang demam, so it`s only me and Akmal this time.

-1st time jumpe signage ader bahasa melayu.bahasa indonesia sebenarnye.mane lg nk jmpe camni kat jepun?kat fukuoka je ade.hehe..-

-tgh2 bndar macam ni tibe2 lak ade bundel!siyes shocked!kat depan fukuoka tower plak tu.-

-fukuoka tower.function just for telekomunikasi.macam kl tower la.-

-JAL resort and Yahoo Dome(home of Softbank Hawks) behind it-

-1st time pegi pantai kat jepun nih.hehe..-

-Yahoo Dome behind-

-kereta tu sebenarnya terbabas masuk kat dinding tu time diorang tgh buat cafe nih.bila diorg tgk macam unik je, diorang pun biarkanlah macam tu sampai sekarang..:P-

-mall depan Yahoo Dome tu.kat sini ader kedai Nike yg kite boleh design kasut sendiri.nanti diorang buatkan.kira macam custom made kan?nanti nak wat satu.-

-outlet @ Marinoa City-

-my shop!haha!-

-Ferris wheel @ Marinoa City.once the tallest in Asia.overtaken by the one in Singapore.-

-ni baru setengah-

-at the top height.bergegar lutut time ni.-

-the marina-

-unique toilet-

-Marinoa City @ nite-

-back to Tenjin, Fukuoka City-

-small version of Shibuya??-

during those 2 months absence…(part 2)

Hakata Dontaku Festival and Parade

One of Fukuoka City`s biggest festival.Celebrated on the 3rd and 4th of May every year.There were parades, cultural shows, food fair, fireworks display and etc..It attracts more than 2million spectators every year.

-a group of foreign students studying in Fukuoka-

-brazilian group-

-look at those faces.kalo pakai topeng camtu tak la malu sgt nak menari kan?hehe..-

-atuk2 dan nenek2 ni dh tua2 pun msh bleh menari smbil berparade berkilometer plak tu-

-a group of school children-


-die ni pndai cakap melayu tau!fluent plak tu.terkejut gile bile die tegur kitorang aritu.-

-kura-kura anyone?-

during those 2 months absence…(part 1)

hi!its me back here.juz came back from my summer was..boleh la coz i didn`t get to do lots of things that i`d already planned.but still i`m very happy that i could meet my family n old frens.urm..i promised to update my blog b4, so here u r.there`s too much things to write n me also malas nk taip, so let the pictures do most of the storytelling!hehe..enjoy!

Visit to Kurogi Machi

this was the 2nd time i went there.last year i went with the other foreign students, but this year only the malaysian student accepted the teachers invitation.the others said that they were busy, with reports, other commitments bla..bla..
-it is just a very small town in the mountains-

-beautiful isn`t it?-

-the place was packed with people, mostly atuk2 and nenek2-

-all those flowers come from a tree. A tree ok..juz one tree.believe it or not?-
-and the tree is a few hundred years old.i cant remember the exact number-

-forgot the name but it`s a type of soba-

-went to onsen(hotspring)-

-anak sape ntah..lalala..-

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

when i heard about the `World Food Festival` to be held in Fukuoka from my friend, the first thing that came out in my mind was image of people shouting “kuih, kuih” or “mari2 bang, akak” and people busy buying food and delicacies juz like the bazar ramadhan we have in malaysia.but this one has the word `World` which i think would be more interesting.though i knew that maybe most of the food are not halal, i decided to go there to have a look at the festival coz it sounds happening as according to my friend, there were also cultural shows by countries participating.and i was sure that we could find sumthng we can eat coz i was confident that there would be a malaysian stall there.

so, on sunday morning we(me+my 2 junior=us, malaysian) started moving from the college at about 1030am, rode bicycle to the train station and get the tickets to Uminonakamichi Station.i checked in the internet the night before about that place and i found out that there is an aquarium near that, the aquarium, Marine World was also in our place to visit list that day.

after changing train at Kashii Station, we got into the Kashii Line train to the Uminonakamichi, after 2 hours, we finally arrived at our destination.(took quite a long time because the Kashii Line trains are old trains, i think the year 60`s punye train, thats why it was quite slow + the waiting time + the time spending looking for platform).but, thankfully, we arrived safely.

when we got off the train, we found ourself in front of the Uminonakamichi Seaside Park entrance gate.our main purpose coming here was just to go to the food festival and then to the aquarium, but when i asked the person at the gate, she said that the food festival is held sumwhere in the park and she showed the place in the map which we didn`t look at(we regretted later for not looking).thinking that we wont be having problem looking for the place, we got into the park.we were very lucky because that day the park was opening its gate for free!jimat 400yen!hehe..from the map we got to know that the park is very big(it is situated at a `tanjung`, and the whole `tanjung` is the park).so we rent a bicycle to get around the park, 410 yen for 3 hours.



then, we started our journey through the park.we cycled all the way along the road built by the park specially for bicycles, which is similar to normal roads system but just it is was quite fun riding the bicycles, with other people who mostly came with their families.

the first place that we passed by was the roller coaster and the ferris wheel.the roller coaster didn`t look really frightening, so we continued cycling.then we reached a lake with people picnicking around the the other side of the lake is a garden with many colourful flowers.and beside the garden there is a ground with full with people playing and relaxing there.there were also some stalls selling food and drinks around the ground.we thought that that was the food festival, so we went to take a look but we were wrong.they were just normal stalls selling japanese food.dissapointed, we wondered around the area, taking some pictures.then, we continued cycling, hoping that we would find the food festival next.but, we just found a big playground full with kids and then we found ourselves at a mini zoo gate.since that there were no need for entrance fee, we went first i thought that the mini zoo is just a simple zoo with just birds and maybe some few animals, but went we got in, we got to see quite a lot of animals there.and there were kangaroos and llamas, and also capibaras.had quite some fun there.














after a visit at the mini zoo, we went cycling again, still looking for the food festival.since that we had spent more than an hour looking for it, we decided to get back to the park main gate to get the park`s map.the time we got the map, we regretted ourselves really much for not listening to what the person at the gate said before.the food fair was just sumwhere near the ferris wheel that we passed before!penat pusing satu taman nak carik, rupenye dkt je.huh!then ape lagi, we straight away went there.



there were a lot of people at the food festival.there were about 20 stalls, each of different countries there.most of them were the arabs and asian countries stalls.there was just one mat saleh stall which was the french.we looked for the malaysian stall bcoz we were really hungry at that time(belum lunch lagi).we found the stall but to our dissapointment, their`s had been sold out!huhu..there were only some cucur leftbut that wasn`t enough for our very hungry we went for the other option, the arab`s stalls.and we got to eat roti pita with chicken.while eating, we enjoyed watching the cultural performance at the main about 5 minutes to 4pm, we went back to the gate to return our bicycles.since it`s still early, we decided to go to the aquarium, Marine World.


after paying the tickets we when was quite a big aquarium.much much bigger than Aquaria KLCC but smaller than the Osaka Aquarium.we got the chance to see the dolphin and sea lion show.and we got to see penguins for the first time!japanese like penguins very much, thats why i think that it is a must for penguins to be in zoos or aqurium here.we spent more than three hours there, had our dinner there around 8, we head to the station to go back to our was a really tiring day but we enjoyed ourselves very much!we got to see and experience a lot of things today.i`m so grateful that those two juniors came to my college this year.with their presence, i got to do lots of things with them, especially jalan2 which i didn`t get to do last year.the reason is, i had no one to go with kan?jalan ramai2 lagi best dr jaln sorg2.btol x?hehe..thank god for giving me companion this year and i hope that there`s more coming next year.mari kita meramaikan kurume kosen.yeah!=)